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Efficacy and Effectiveness of CBT for Youth

By Saige Portera, BA, Hannah Toyama, BA, Jeremy Joves, BA, Anika Mehta, BA, Courtney Giannini, BA, Samantha Honnert, MA, and Beck Institute Faculty Member Robert Friedberg, PhDCenter for the Study and Treatment of Anxious Youth at Palo Alto University The following summary collects evidence speaking to the efficacy and effectiveness of CBT for youth. As the established psychosocial intervention for behavioral health issues in childhood through adolescence, studies have shown…

Beck Institute’s 2020 Year in Review

We at Beck Institute are grateful to have had the support of such a vibrant and engaging community through a challenging year, when our mission has become more important than ever. With the rising tide of mental health needs in the United States and around the world, we will continue to provide Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) training, practice, and research to individuals across the globe…

Reflecting on the Beck Institute CBT Certification Process: Ryan Freeman Burchfield Shares her Experience

Ryan Freeman Burchfield, LPC, is among the first clinicians to get certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) with Beck Institute. BI’s Certification program includes coursework (currently hosted online in both on demand and live, interactive formats), one term of supervision with our expert faculty, case write-ups, and a work sample. Ryan shared insight about her experience in the program and why she chose to pursue CBT as the driving force…

New Opportunities with Beck Institute

By Lisa Pote, MSW Executive Director I’d like to share some exciting news: Beck Institute is hiring! We are hiring for two new positions at Beck Institute: an Assistant Director of CBT Programs and a new clinician/supervisor/educator. The first will be overseeing our clinic and training program teams under the direction of our CBT Programs Director, Dr. Allen Miller. The second will be a part of our incredible team of…

A Preview of ‘Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy for Serious Mental Health Conditions’

By Paul Grant, PhD, and Ellen Inverso, PsyD Co-Directors, Center for Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy for Serious Mental Health Conditions, which is now available in paperback or electronically and will be released in hardcover on December 8 by Guilford Press, is a practical new guide to the revolutionary, evidence-based practice of Recovery Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R). CT-R is grounded in the premise that recovery is possible for all,…

Military and Veterans Suicide Prevention: Unpacking Unique Stressors in the Military Community

By Marjan Holloway, PhD, Beck Institute Speaker & Supervisor and Hallie Grossman, Communications Coordinator Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, military suicides have increased by as much as 20 percent compared to the same period in 2019. Historically, suicide has been one of the three leading causes of death among service members in the United States. These stark statistics provide a window into the unique vulnerabilities and treatment needs of our military…