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Topics include:

CBT for Suicide Prevention

Robert Hindman, PhD

Led by Dr. Rob Hindman, our newest interactive on-demand course presents an evidence-based, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) approach for suicide prevention. You’ll learn to conduct a thorough suicide risk assessment, strengthen the therapeutic relationship, conceptualize suicidal ideation and plan treatment, develop a safety plan, and much more.

Dr. Hindman describes how to conceptualize clients at risk for suicide according to Problem-Based and Strength-Based Cognitive Conceptualizations as well as the cognitive model of suicidal acts. Clinicians see how to tailor treatment to their individual clients using affective, behavioral, and cognitive interventions for suicide prevention. Additionally, Dr. Hindman presents how to use imagery as a method for relapse prevention. These topics are demonstrated through didactic lectures, video recordings of therapy sessions, and roundtable discussions between expert Beck Institute clinicians, including Dr. Judith Beck.

$500 USD
9 hours

Basics of CBT: Essentials I

Judith S. Beck, PhD

Dr. Judith Beck helps health and mental health professionals of all skill levels expand their understanding of CBT in this self-directed interactive training. This course provides you with the history of CBT, the theory behind CBT, and a step-by-step description of how to apply the most important techniques to yourself and your clients.

Essential topics include conceptualizing cases according to the cognitive model, structuring sessions, developing a sound therapeutic relationship, and collaboratively developing Action Plans. You will practice by using CBT techniques on yourself, to give you a greater understanding of why and how to use specific interventions and how to better explain the rationales and process to clients. Role play demonstrations, annotated transcripts, conceptualization diagrams, worksheets, and clinical roundtables with a panel of expert therapists illustrate the main principles of CBT treatment.

$450 USD
5 hours

Now also available in Arabic! Learn more about this full translation.

CBT in Practice: Essentials II

Allen R. Miller, PhD, MBA

Led by Beck Institute Director of CBT Programs Dr. Allen Miller and organized around the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale—Revised (CTRS-R), this interactive multimedia course digs into the “how” of practicing CBT: how to establish a therapeutic alliance, generate internal motivation, structure therapy sessions, and develop effective action plans for each client. Additionally, you will learn to design effective treatment plans based on your conceptualizations, to elicit and respond appropriately to feedback, and much more.

The many role plays included in this course demonstrate what CBT sessions look like and provide guidance to those who are just learning. For seasoned therapists, this course provides the latest developments in the practice of CBT. Upon completion of the course, you will have practiced the most current version of CBT and you will be prepared to provide competent care for each client.

$450 USD
9 hours

CBT for Depression

Allen R. Miller, PhD

Learn to help clients diagnosed with mild to severe depression feel better and maintain their progress using evidence-based CBT techniques. Join Dr. Allen Miller and learn the fundamentals of CBT for depression in this interactive online course.

$500 USD
10 hours

CBT for Anxiety

Robert Hindman, PhD

Gain essential CBT skills to help clients diagnosed with a range of anxiety disorders in this comprehensive course led by Dr. Robert Hindman, Beck Institute Senior Faculty Member and Clinical Psychologist. Learn evidence-based strategies that can help clients decrease anxious symptoms, increase functional behavior, and engage more fully with life.

$500 USD
20 hours

CBT for Personality Disorders

Judith S. Beck, PhD

Learn to adapt CBT treatment to meet the unique challenges of clients diagnosed with personality disorders. Dr. Judith S. Beck couples her decades of experience with new research in the field to present this necessary course that will teach you CBT skills to help these clients make sustained changes in their mood and functioning.

$500 USD
8 hours

CT-R for Serious Mental Health Conditions

Paul M. Grant, PhD; Ellen Inverso, PsyD

Learn Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) from the team that developed this revolutionary practice alongside Dr. Aaron Beck. This interactive online course will help you develop skills to work with individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia and other serious mental health conditions. You will learn how to: access and energize adaptive modes of living, use the Socratic process to elicit transformative life aspirations, promote daily action that achieves purpose and meaning, and empower and develop resilience in the face of behavioral, social, and physical challenges.

You can use CT-R with individuals across the age-span in many settings, including: individual, group, and team-based applications in community-based teams and agencies, acute and long-term inpatient units, correctional settings, and integrative health.

$400 USD
6 hours

Integrating Mindfulness into CBT

Robert Hindman, PhD

Learn how to integrate and adapt mindfulness into cognitive behavior therapy in this interactive self-paced course taught by Dr. Robert Hindman.

Through case examples, role-played therapy sessions, and experiential mindfulness exercises, you’ll learn to integrate mindfulness into CBT for thoughts, thought processes, and emotions, as well as to reduce self-criticism and enhance self-compassion. Learn how to integrate mindfulness strategies into CBT treatment to improve the well-being of your clients.

$300 USD
6 hours

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