Below are the steps required to complete the second level and become a Beck Institute CBT Certified Master Clinician: 

  • Submit an application to enroll in the second level of the Beck Institute CBT Certification program. The application form will capture basic information, professional background, clinical training, and additional prerequisite information.
  • Successfully complete 36 hours of Beck Institute specialty coursework (eligible trainings must be 1-day minimum).
  • Successfully complete a term of Supervision with an expert member of our faculty, with at least 3 scores of 25 or above on the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale—Revised (CTRS-R).
  • Submit two work samples, each consisting of a therapy session recording and accompanying materials (Case Write-up and Cognitive Conceptualization Diagram) for evaluation by the Beck Institute Rating Committee and Beck Institute Credentialing Committee. Each recording must score at least 25 or above on the CTRS-R.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Interested applicants must have attained the first level of Beck Institute CBT Certification – Beck Institute CBT Certified Clinician (BICBT-CC).


If you can’t find what you are looking for listed above, please visit our FAQs for common questions about Beck Institute CBT Certification.