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Raising the bar for excellence in CBT. Enroll in Beck Institute CBT Certification today!


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Beck Institute CBT Certification

Join a supportive global community of professionals who share in Beck Institute’s nonprofit mission to improve lives worldwide through excellence in CBT.

Our certification program is designed by the Drs. Beck and leading clinicians in the field to encourage excellence in CBT. Beck Institute CBT Certification is evidence of your expertise in the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy in treatment.

When you join Beck Institute CBT Certification, you will undertake training to improve and refine your skills in CBT to the highest level. Those who attain certification are recognized by Beck Institute as being among the best in our field.

Beck Institute CBT Certification Benefits

In addition to professional recognition, Beck Institute Certified Professionals will receive:

  • A listing in the Beck Institute CBT Certified Professional Directory
  • Discounts on in-person workshops
  • Invitations to private Beck Institute events
  • Access to exclusive webinars and other online content

Eligibility Requirements

You will need to have completed a terminal education degree with a behavioral or mental health specialization. This degree should have prepared you to see clients and practice as a clinician, in addition to:

  • Continuing Education or Graduate Training* in the following subject areas:
    • Human Development
    • Psychopathology
    • Cultural Influences
    • Ethics
    • Assessment
    • Research and Statistics

      *This refers to courses and training taken after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, either during graduate school or as a continuing education course. This training does not need to have been provided in full three-credit courses and there is no minimum hourly amount or other specific requirement (e.g., format, graded, etc.).

Work/Clinical Experience Requirements:

  • 2,000 hours of supervised clinical work; does not have to be continuous
  • Clinical work may have been performed as part of an internship, fellowship, and/or after graduation from a terminal degree program.
  • Clinical hours must be supervised by qualified supervisors (licensed where required). The primary orientation of the supervisor may be other than CBT.

Professional and Documentation Requirements:

  • Professional license (as required in the locale(s) in which you practice)
  • Liability insurance (only as required in the locale(s) in which you practice)
  • Resume or CV 
  • You will also need to attest to your history of ethical practice, reporting any license suspensions or refused credentialing. You will be asked if you have any medical problems that impede your ability to provide good quality cognitive therapy. 

Beck Institute CBT Certification Process

We offer three levels of certification. All candidates start at the level of Beck Institute Certified Clinician.

Steps to Become a Beck Institute Certified Clinician

  1. Submit an application to the Beck Institute CBT Certification Program. The application form will capture basic information, professional background, clinical training, and additional prerequisite information.
  2. After acceptance into the Beck Institute Certification Program, successfully complete the required coursework. Required courses include:
  3. Successfully complete a term of supervision with an expert member of our faculty.
  4. Attest that you have treated 10 cases using CBT and completed 5 Case Write-ups.
  5. Submit a work sample, consisting of a therapy session recording and accompanying materials (Case Write-up and Cognitive Conceptualization Diagram) for evaluation by the Beck Institute Rating Committee and Beck Institute Credentialing Committee.

Questions about these steps? See our comprehensive list of FAQs.

Workshop refund, cancellation, and transfer policy.

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Additional levels of certification will be available soon

Beck Institute Certified Master Clinician

You will need to be a Beck Institute Certified Clinician to apply for this level.

Beck Institute Certified Supervisor

You will need to be a Beck Institute Certified Master Clinician to apply for this level.