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Raising the bar for excellence in CBT. Enroll in Beck Institute CBT Certification today!

CBT Training for Organizations

A customized training program for your team.

We can help you develop a training curriculum to meet your team’s needs.

The Beck Institute training model is designed to maximize implementation of learning and fidelity to the CBT treatment model in a sustainable manner. This maximizes your organization’s investment of time and resources by ensuring that your supervisors, therapists, and ultimately your clients, benefit as much as possible from the training, in both the short- and long-term.

We also hold remote trainings all over the world, from small group consultations administered via phone and online to live interactive virtual workshops conducted by expert faculty. This is an excellent option for organizations impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, whether or not travel and gatherings are possible or recommended. Learn about our virtual workshops.

Organizations that we work with include:

  • Community mental health systems
  • Private behavioral health companies
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Schools and school districts
  • Universities
  • Mental Health Clinics
  • Prisons and forensic settings

Our Training Options


Trainings occur on-site or at the location of your choice featuring a fully customized workshop for your team. Our programs are designed to address the practical application of CBT within the specific setting. Workshops are typically 2-3 days.

Foundational Training

We recommend starting with one of our foundational trainings (Essentials of CBT and CBT for Depression) in your workplace or online to help get your whole team on the same page.

Specialty Topics

Our specialized trainings are fully customized for the diagnoses and populations important to your community. The multi-day workshops take place at your location, and are taught and designed by our faculty around the learning needs and goals of your team.

Extraordinary! Incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring. Excellent clarity in presentation. Approachable, open, kind, and thoughtful! Thank you!

Katie L., Colorado

It was the perfect introduction to CBT, which offered the men a great foundation for further discussion. Many of the seminarians and faculty individually approached me about how helpful your talk was. It was a true blessing for all of us! Your kindness, compassion, and courageous vulnerability even further reinforced the material that you presented.

Keith C.

[The] presentation was certainly a hit! On behalf of the entire behavioral health team… I want to thank you for a great program. Many of our clinicians have been calling me to say what a great [workshop] this was and I’ve seen a few comments on the evaluations that also support this. I know [we’ve] spoken with you about the possibility of future presentations. I’m sure we will be in touch!

Lucia K., York, PA

The workshop is very well organized, builds in a strategic and progressive way. The presenter is engaging and definitely an expert on the model. She gives great examples, responds to/engages/incorporates desired topics from the audience. Super effective, knowledgeable, experienced, and great communicator, one of the best presenters I’ve had in a workshop.

Kate B.

Presenter is engaging, utilized anecdotes to illustrate key points, utilized multimedia and practice opportunities. Appreciated the presentation of both theory and application, plus the validation of how research differs from real life application…facilitated the best training I’ve been to in my career. I have a new appreciation for CBT. I feel I’ve been given actionable strategies for working with trauma.

Melody E.

Supervision and Consultation

Training of your staff continues with our individual or small group Supervision and Consultation sessions. Remote, weekly sessions provide guidance as your team begins implementing their newfound CBT skills.


After training is complete, we can help supervise your team as they begin putting their newfound CBT skills to use with weekly session recording review. Deeper training aimed toward CBT sustainability may be available for qualifying supervisors through our Supervision of Supervision Program.


Continued consultation provides small group support to your team as they implement new CBT skills. Remote sessions with our faculty provide an opportunity to talk through challenges and receive feedback as your clinicians put CBT to use.

Interested in learning more about CBT training for your company or organization? Contact Beck Institute today and our staff will reach out to you to discuss options.

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