Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a nonprofit with a 30-year history of commitment to its mission of disseminating Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and serving as the source for CBT excellence. Every member of the team at Beck Institute contributes their diverse skills in service of our mission.

Meet the Team at Beck Institute

Our Founders

The late Aaron T. Beck, MD is globally recognized as the father of CBT. His daughter, Judith S. Beck, PhD, is an award-winning CBT clinician and educator. The two founded Beck Institute in 1994 to advance the field of CBT by bringing high-level training, research, and clinical practice together within one organization.

Board of Directors

Beck Institute’s board of directors is composed of accomplished leaders in a variety of fields. The board provides guidance, vision, and leadership for the organization.


Co-founder Judith S. Beck, PhD, serves as President. Allen Miller, PhD, is acting Executive Director.

Clinical Staff

Leaders in the field, Beck Institute therapists conduct trainings, present at conferences, write articles and chapters about different CBT topics, serve on committees, consult on research studies, and advise the media on mental health-related issues. In addition, they provide highly-supportive, compassionate, and collaborative treatment to clients in our in-house clinic.


Beck Institute’s team brings a wealth of diverse skills and experiences to implement all aspects of the organization’s programming in service of its mission and vision.


Beck Institute faculty are recognized leaders in CBT, working in a variety of settings, including university, private practice, behavioral health systems, and more. All of our faculty have extensive CBT knowledge and experience.

Support Our Mission

Beck Institute is supported by generous individuals around the world who believe in CBT. Join the team by supporting our nonprofit mission with a gift today!