At Beck Institute, the heart of our nonprofit mission is to improve lives through Cognitive Behavior Therapy. While evidence shows that CBT is an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions, access to quality treatment remains limited for vulnerable populations around the world. In order for clinicians to provide the best care, especially in areas that are underserved, high-quality CBT training is critical. 

We believe the cost of training should not prohibit a practitioner from pursuing professional development and advancing their skills to help their clients. We are happy to offer financial assistance, scholarships, and discounts to clinicians from a range of backgrounds.  

Learn more about how Beck Institute can help make your CBT or CT-R training more accessible and affordable: 

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Foreign Nations Discount Program

As part of our nonprofit mission, Beck Institute is committed to making excellent CBT training affordable for mental health practitioners working in diverse communities around the world. We provide reduced pricing on our training programs to health and mental health professionals who live and work in certain foreign nations.  

Create an account with us to determine your eligibility based on your location. Log into your account, select your desired training, and provide your mailing address to see your discount applied in your cart. 

Group Discounts

Training a group or even your entire organization in CBT can have far-reaching benefits. With its wide variety of applications and scientifically proven effectiveness, CBT can help your organization address many different health and mental health challenges. Train as a group to ensure team-wide fidelity to the treatment model. If you and two or more colleagues are interested in taking one of our live virtual workshops together, you may be eligible for a group discount. We also offer groups of ten or more discounted pricing on our on-demand courses. 

Looking for a more customized training program that meets your team’s specific needs? We can help.  

Financial Aid

General Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available for clinicians with demonstrated need, who have faced financial or other hardships, or who work in low resourced areas or with underserved populations.  

Financial Aid for Military and Veteran Suicide Prevention

In response to the mental health needs of American service members during and after deployment, the Military and Veteran Suicide Prevention (MVSP) Training Fund was established to provide financial assistance for CBT or CT-R training to veteran or military clinicians, or mental health professionals treating U.S. military, veterans, or their families. 

Trainees are encouraged to apply for financial aid using the application linked below. You must create an account in order to apply. Applications are typically reviewed within 7-14 business days. Financial aid cannot be stacked with other discounts. 

Student and Early Career Professional Scholarships

Beck Institute is dedicated to the future of CBT and aims to expand access to high-quality CBT training for as many health and mental health practitioners as possible. One of the ways we ensure high-quality training for tomorrow’s CBT clinicians is with our annual Student and Early Career Professional Scholarship competition. 

Each year 10 applicants are awarded a full scholarship to attend our Student and Early Career Professional workshop. Specifically designed for graduate students or clinicians within their first five years of practice, this workshop not only trains the next generation of CBT practitioners, it allows them to learn and network with other CBT professionals at the start of their careers.  

Students working toward a master’s or doctoral degree in a wide variety of psychology disciplines and clinicians who have been practicing less than five years are eligible to apply. In addition to providing scholarships, this workshop is offered at a discounted rate, making it more accessible and affordable for all.