Consultation at Beck Institute

Our consultation program provides a supportive environment for clinicians to continue to build CBT skills and help them implement CBT with their clients. Clinicians are paired with an experienced faculty member to discuss cases, conceptualize challenges encountered in implementing CBT, and problem-solve to develop solutions and implement treatment effectively. In addition to discussing cases, clinicians can choose to discuss CBT theory, techniques, and interventions with faculty.

Designed to be less intensive than our supervision program, consultations do not include review of therapy session recordings. Instead, clinicians can ask faculty members about any topic related to CBT, including questions about adapting CBT to different populations and cultures, research, and general development as a clinician. Consultation is appropriate for practicing clinicians who are independently licensed (not students or pre-licensed professionals).

How is Consultation Offered?

Consultation sessions are offered in sets of three, five or ten. Sessions are held via phone or videoconferencing and there is no limit to the number of sessions a trainee may complete.

Pricing for BI’s Consultation program is below:

  • $750 for three sessions
  • $1,125 for five sessions
  • $2,125 for ten sessions

Group consultation is offered through our Training for Organizations program.

Supervision at Beck Institute

Are you looking for more intensive one-on-one training in CBT? Through our supervision program, expert faculty will review recordings of therapy sessions and provide individualized feedback, along with a session rating on the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale (CTRS).

Learn More About Consultation

Ready to build your CBT skills, but unsure whether consultation is a good fit for your professional goals and the specific support you need in your practice? Download our helpful information packets or reach out to a member of the BI training team to learn more.

Consultation Information Packet

This helpful brochure summarizes our consultation program and can be shared with your supervisor or colleagues.

Consultation Interest Form

If you’d like to speak to a BI staff member about our consultation program, please get in touch with us by filling out the form below: