Conceptualizing Trauma: Identifying Key Cognitions in CBT for PTSD
Conceptualizing Trauma: Identifying Key Cognitions in CBT for PTSD

June 8, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Identifying beliefs relating to a traumatic event can enhance CBT for clients with PTSD.

Beck Institute Supervision: A Supervisee’s Experience

June 1, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Chika Anireto shares her experience with Beck Institute’s supervision program.

NatCon23 Recap with Beck Institute

May 15, 2023/Annika Norris

Each spring, the National Council for Mental Wellbeing holds NatCon, the largest conference in mental health. This year, Beck Institute […]

What will you do for Aaron T. Beck Day? 

May 11, 2023/Ivy McDaniels

Individuals from around the world will participate in our annual Aaron T. Beck Day celebration. Get involved today!

Addressing CBT Myths: CBT Can Only Be Practiced in a Clinical Setting

May 3, 2023/Annika Norris

Because CBT is a form of psychotherapy, some believe that it can only be used by mental health professionals in a […]

Beck Institute Celebrates Mental Health Month 2023

April 28, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

Learn how Beck Institute is participating in Mental Health Month 2023.

What Are Technique Trainings?

April 26, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

We recently developed a brand-new on-demand training format to meet the needs of our busy trainees: technique trainings in the […]

Can New Technology Help Improve Mental Health?

April 21, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Across the globe, most individuals with mental health conditions do not receive treatment, let alone evidence-based care. Barriers to effective […]

What’s New in Beck Institute’s Partnership with the National Council for Mental Wellbeing?

April 14, 2023/Sarah Fleming

As Beck Institute enters the second year of its Bronze level partnership with the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, we […]

Addressing CBT Myths: CBT is Superficial 

April 10, 2023/Annika Norris

Some argue that CBT is too superficial and only addresses the client’s symptoms. Managing symptoms is an important step in […]

Our Upcoming CBT for Suicide Prevention Course

March 14, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

We’ve Officially Launched Our CBT for Suicide Prevention On-Demand Course! Learn More and Enroll Today! In the coming weeks, we […]

An Interview with Beck Institute’s First CBT Certified Master Clinician, Noah Clyman, LCSW-R 

March 10, 2023/Annika Norris

Clinicians who complete Beck Institute’s CBT Certified Master Clinician (BICBT-CMC) program have received rigorous training and supervision. As a continuation […]

Improving Self-Regulation of Communication in Patients Experiencing Bipolar Episodes

March 1, 2023/Cory Newman, PhD

Browse our live and on-demand CBT and CT-R (Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy) training opportunities in our training catalog. One of the […]

What is a Hope Kit?

February 27, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

Our CBT for Suicide Prevention On-Demand Course is Now Available Purchase! Beck Institute’s CBT for Suicide Prevention Course features several […]

Getting Ready for Therapy

February 22, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

By David A. Clark, PhD “Why do you want to see a therapist?” This question (or one like it) is […]

Announcing Our CBT Essentials Courses

February 17, 2023/Judith Beck, PhD

By Judith S. Beck, PhD President At Beck Institute, we teach and practice Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) the way that CBT […]

In Memory of our Colleague, Dr. Barbara Stanley 

February 1, 2023/Annika Norris

Our colleague, Barbara Stanley, PhD, a noted suicide researcher at Columbia University, died in January 2023. Dr. Stanley and Greg […]

Eating Disorder Awareness: Understanding Atypical Anorexia 

January 26, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

By: Jenna DiLossi, PsyD, ABPP  When you think about someone with anorexia nervosa, what image pops into your mind? It’s […]

The Power of a Pledge: Putting CBT in Action

January 16, 2023/Annika Norris

Aaron T. Beck touched the lives of countless people around the world and across generations. His work developing and disseminating […]

Welcome to 2023

January 13, 2023/

By Lisa Muchnick Pote, MSW  Executive Director  Welcome to 2023 at Beck Institute.  This is my favorite time to be […]