Looking to Use Beck Institute Materials in Your Work?

To request permission to use an excerpt from material created by Beck Institute and our leadership, including Dr. Judith Beck or Dr. Aaron Beck, please submit your request using the form below. Send the reference for the publication in which it will appear and the material as you would like it to appear with a permission statement at the bottom of the material. Please use the following permission statements for work produced by Dr. Judith Beck or Beck Institute:

  • If the material is adapted, use “© J Beck, [date of publication]. Adapted from [name of book] and used with permission.” 
  • If the material is reprinted, use “© J Beck, [date of publication]. Reprinted from [name of book] and used with permission.” 
  • If the material is translated, use © J Beck, [date of publication]. Translated from [name of book] and used with permission.” 

If you’d like to use material for a research study, please include a sentence describing the study and indicate that you will provide a copy of the article describing the outcome to Beck Institute. 

Beck Institute will then send you permission by email.  

Permissions are granted for one time use only. Requests must be resubmitted for each additional use. 

Commercial Publication

If you are requesting to use material from a commercially published book written by Beck Institute leadership for your own commercially published book, Beck Institute is unable to grant permission and you must obtain a separate permission from the publisher. 

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Basics and Beyond (3rd ed.), Cognitive Therapy for Challenging Problems, and Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy for Serious Mental Health Conditions are published by Guilford Press. 

The Beck Diet Solution and The Diet Trap Solution are published by Harper Collins.

Permissions to Use Headshots

For requests to use a photograph of Dr. Judith S. Beck or Dr. Aaron T. Beck, please download and complete the corresponding PDF and attach it to your permission form submission. 

Once the appropriate permission form has been completed and signed, we will issue a high-resolution photograph suitable for publication, which will be sent to you via email. 

Dr. Aaron T. Beck Photo Permission  

Dr. Judith S. Beck Photo Permission

Permissions Form