Supervision at Beck Institute

Research on adult learning consistently shows that ongoing training on how to apply CBT after a workshop is crucial to transferring the clinician’s new knowledge to their clinical work. Therapists typically demonstrate a higher level of competence in administering CBT after successful completion of our program. 

I am a more effective therapist today because of the clinical supervision I received from Beck Institute; it sets a gold standard for education and training.
William L., PhD
What Does Supervision Entail?

Beck Institute Supervision is an intensive training program designed to help you implement the CBT or CT-R knowledge you have gained in our on-demand and live trainings and further develop your skills. Supervision is conducted via phone or virtually by video conferencing, allowing trainees and supervisors to work together from anywhere in the world.

We currently offer two types of supervision – individual and group. Learn more about each and decide which one is right for you:

Individual Supervision

Our Individual Supervision program allows you to develop your clinical skills in CBT or CT-R with one-on-one guidance from expert Beck Institute faculty in an intensive 10-week training opportunity.

Group Supervision

Our Group Supervision program matches a group of 4-6 clinicians with a supervisor who provides mentorship, feedback, and opportunities for reflection critical to improving CBT implementation over approximately 4-8 months. Group supervision is the most affordable way to experience the benefits of supervision with our expert faculty.

Who is Eligible to Participate in Supervision?

This program is appropriate for practicing clinicians who are independently licensed (not students or pre-licensed professionals). In order to be admitted into the program, trainees must meet these prerequisites:    

  • Hold a valid license to practice  
  • Secure consent to record 2-3 clients  
  • Maintain the ability to submit audio recordings 

Please see the overall objectives for more details and our FAQs for common questions.

Consultation at Beck Institute

Are you looking to receive support from Beck Institute faculty in a less intensive format? Our consultation program is designed to be a supportive training experience without review of therapy session recordings. 

Supervision Interest Form

If you’d like to speak to a BI staff member about our supervision program, please get in touch with us by filling out the form below: 

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