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The Home of Cognitive
Behavior Therapy

and Recovery-Oriented
Cognitive Therapy

Learn About Beck Institute
Beck Institute is a non-profit organization
founded by Dr. Aaron T. Beck and Dr. Judith S. Beck

CBT Training for Health and Mental Health Professionals

We offer a wide range of trainings for professionals, educators, and graduate students to enhance their skills so they can create better outcomes for their clients.

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Training for Organizations

The Beck Institute Organizational Training program provides dynamic CBT and CT-R training to businesses and organizations throughout the world. Our expert faculty provide on-site and web-based training tailored to your organization’s needs to implement evidence-based tools and strategies into your work.

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Beck Institute Certification

Master the foundations and modern applications of CBT, and demonstrate your expertise as a leading practitioner of the most evidence-based psychotherapy treatment in the world.

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Center for CT-R

Get flexible and individualized training in Recovery Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R), a treatment approach designed to promote empowerment, recovery, and resiliency in individuals given a diagnosis of a serious mental health condition.

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“Exceptional training, a mix of clinical research and practical techniques. Impeccable presentation and I will apply the skills I learned immediately.” Julie L, MD