CBT Treatment with Beck Institute’s Experts

At Beck Institute, we are committed to providing modern CBT that focuses on helping patients experiencing a wide range of symptoms. Our therapists strive to foster highly supportive, compassionate, and collaborative relationships with clients and to adapt treatment to our clients’ unique needs, taking into account their backgrounds, strengths, values, and aspirations. 

Our Therapists 

Our therapists have trained under Dr. Aaron Beck or Dr. Judith Beck. Beck Institute therapists see clients, consult on cases, and write and teach about the practice of CBT.  They are internationally renowned and considered to be among the best in the field.

Francine Broder, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Norman Cotterell, PhD

Senior Clinician

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If you are in crisis or in need of immediate assistance, please make use of the below resources or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.  

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline (US): 988

Crisis Text Line: 741741