Our Upcoming CBT for Suicide Prevention Course
Our Upcoming CBT for Suicide Prevention Course

March 14, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

We’ve Officially Launched Our CBT for Suicide Prevention On-Demand Course! Learn More and Enroll Today! In the coming weeks, we […]

What is a Hope Kit?

February 27, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

Our CBT for Suicide Prevention On-Demand Course is Now Available Purchase! Beck Institute’s CBT for Suicide Prevention Course features several […]

In Memory of our Colleague, Dr. Barbara Stanley 

February 1, 2023/Annika Norris

Our colleague, Barbara Stanley, PhD, a noted suicide researcher at Columbia University, died in January 2023. Dr. Stanley and Greg […]

Working with Therapists Treating Clients in the Military, Veterans, and their Families: A Conversation with Rosanna Sposato, PsyD

November 11, 2021/Hallie Grossman

Rosanna Sposato, PsyD, specializes in CBT for a variety of disorders and presenting problems. She has led Beck Institute workshops […]

Suicide Prevention During COVID-19

June 8, 2021/Francine Broder, PsyD

By Francine Broder, PsyD Suicide continues to increase in the United States and around the world (Hedegaard et al., 2020), […]

Military & Veteran Suicide Prevention and Motorcycles

June 8, 2021/Sarah Fleming

By Sarah Fleming, BA, PR Specialist I recently had the honor of traveling to Wrightsville Beach, NC, to meet a […]

Value-Focused Treatment in CBT for Depression

June 8, 2021/Robert Hindman, PhD

By Dr. Robert Hindman, PhD Learn to help clients diagnosed with mild to severe depression in our CBT for Depression […]

Using Targeted Strategies for Suicidality on a Hotline

June 8, 2021/Other

Using Targeted Strategies for Suicidality on a Hotline By Molly R. Finkel, B.A. The following blog was written by a […]

Military and Veterans Suicide Prevention: Unpacking Unique Stressors in the Military Community

November 11, 2020/Hallie Grossman

By Marjan Holloway, PhD, Beck Institute Speaker & Supervisor and Hallie Grossman, Communications Coordinator Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, military suicides […]

Values can be an Antidote to Suicide

March 21, 2019/Norman Cotterell, PhD

Values Can Be an Antidote to Suicide By Norman Cotterell, PhD James was a 53-year old firefighter debilitated by depression […]