CBT to Prevent Suicide
CBT to Prevent Suicide

May 1, 2024/Sarah Fleming

This presentation by Beck Institute President Dr. Judith Beck and acting Executive Director Dr. Allen Miller provides an overview of the CBT approach to suicide prevention.

Our Upcoming CBT for Suicide Prevention Course

March 14, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

We’ve Officially Launched Our CBT for Suicide Prevention On-Demand Course! Learn More and Enroll Today! In the coming weeks, we […]

What is a Hope Kit?

February 27, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

Our CBT for Suicide Prevention On-Demand Course is Now Available Purchase! Beck Institute’s CBT for Suicide Prevention Course features several […]

In Memory of our Colleague, Dr. Barbara Stanley 

February 1, 2023/Annika Norris

Our colleague, Barbara Stanley, PhD, a noted suicide researcher at Columbia University, died in January 2023. Dr. Stanley and Greg […]

Working with Therapists Treating Clients in the Military, Veterans, and their Families: A Conversation with Rosanna Sposato, PsyD

November 11, 2021/Hallie Grossman

Rosanna Sposato, PsyD, specializes in CBT for a variety of disorders and presenting problems. She has led Beck Institute workshops […]

Suicide Prevention During COVID-19

June 8, 2021/Francine Broder, PsyD

By Francine Broder, PsyD Suicide continues to increase in the United States and around the world (Hedegaard et al., 2020), […]

Military & Veteran Suicide Prevention and Motorcycles

June 8, 2021/Sarah Fleming

By Sarah Fleming, BA, PR Specialist I recently had the honor of traveling to Wrightsville Beach, NC, to meet a […]

Value-Focused Treatment in CBT for Depression

June 8, 2021/Robert Hindman, PhD

By Dr. Robert Hindman, PhD Learn to help clients diagnosed with mild to severe depression in our CBT for Depression […]

Using Targeted Strategies for Suicidality on a Hotline

June 8, 2021/Other

Using Targeted Strategies for Suicidality on a Hotline By Molly R. Finkel, B.A. The following blog was written by a […]

Military and Veterans Suicide Prevention: Unpacking Unique Stressors in the Military Community

November 11, 2020/Hallie Grossman

By Marjan Holloway, PhD, Beck Institute Speaker & Supervisor and Hallie Grossman, Communications Coordinator Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, military suicides […]

Values can be an Antidote to Suicide

March 21, 2019/Norman Cotterell, PhD

Values Can Be an Antidote to Suicide By Norman Cotterell, PhD James was a 53-year old firefighter debilitated by depression […]