“It’s So Unfair!”
“It’s So Unfair!”

January 31, 2024/Sarah Fleming

When clients get caught up in unhelpful thinking cycles, mindfulness can help them refocus their attention so they can focus on their values.

What Can Cognitive Behavior Therapy Teach Us About Conflict?

January 16, 2024/Sarah Fleming

When violent conflict erupts, it is natural for the public to react strongly. People who bear witness feel a range of emotions, including anger, sorrow, disgust, horror, fear, and grief.

Imaginal Dress Rehearsal

June 8, 2021/Francine Broder, PsyD

Imaginal Dress Rehearsal By Francine Broder, PsyDBeck Institute Faculty My client Charlie had a stressful situation with the doorman at […]

Seven Steps for Anger

June 5, 2017/Norman Cotterell, PhD

CBT for Anger By Norman Cotterell, PhD Anger is built on expectations. We expect people to treat us fairly and they […]