Beck Institute’s 30th Anniversary: Reflecting on Our Accomplishments and Celebrating Our Future
Beck Institute’s 30th Anniversary: Reflecting on Our Accomplishments and Celebrating Our Future

July 1, 2024/Sarah Fleming

Dr. Judith Beck marks Beck Institute’s 30th anniversary by reflecting on our past and current activities.

The Price of Freedom

June 18, 2024/Sarah Fleming

Exposure is an important tool in helping clients overcome anxiety. Learn how to use clients’ values and aspirations to motivate them to engage in exposure exercises.

Racism and African American Mental Health: Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy to Empower Healing

June 3, 2024/Sarah Fleming

Racism and African American Mental Health by Dr. Janeé Steele presents a Cognitive Behavioral approach to empowerment and healing for African Americans. Read Dr. Judith Beck’s complete foreword to this important book.

Coping with Loss

May 15, 2024/Sarah Fleming

While grief is one type of loss, there are many other types of losses people experience that elicit similar automatic thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

CBT to Prevent Suicide

May 1, 2024/Sarah Fleming

This presentation by Beck Institute President Dr. Judith Beck and acting Executive Director Dr. Allen Miller provides an overview of the CBT approach to suicide prevention.

Dr. Judith Beck Discusses the Third Edition of Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Basics and Beyond

April 25, 2024/Sarah Fleming

Dr. Judith Beck connected with Arjmand Publishing, who recently published the Farsi language version of her landmark textbook Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Basics and Beyond.

Supporting the Growth of CBT in Asia: Reflections on the 8th Asian CBT Conference

April 10, 2024/Sarah Fleming

Beck Institute was proud to play a pivotal role in the 8th Asian CBT Conference which was held in New Delhi, India from February 28 to March 2, 2024.

An Exciting Update from Dr. Judith Beck 

April 2, 2024/Sarah Fleming

Dr. Judith Beck is pleased to announce that Dr. Allen Miller has been appointed acting Executive Director. Dr. Miller has been with Beck Institute since 2018.

Recovery-Oriented Principles in Practice: Harnessing the Power of the Human-Animal Bond to Reach Justice-Impacted Individuals 

March 5, 2024/Sarah Fleming

We spoke with Rob Rosa from Philadelphia nonprofit New Leash on Life about how the organization helps justice-impacted individuals build resilience using principles from both CBT and CT-R in their animal-assisted therapy approach.

Addressing CBT Myths: CBT is Inappropriate for Trauma 

February 16, 2024/Sarah Fleming

A common misconception about CBT is that it is outdated and even harmful for the treatment of trauma. But research shows just the opposite.

“It’s So Unfair!”

January 31, 2024/Sarah Fleming

When clients get caught up in unhelpful thinking cycles, mindfulness can help them refocus their attention so they can focus on their values.

What Can Cognitive Behavior Therapy Teach Us About Conflict?

January 16, 2024/Sarah Fleming

When violent conflict erupts, it is natural for the public to react strongly. People who bear witness feel a range of emotions, including anger, sorrow, disgust, horror, fear, and grief.

Welcome to 2024

January 4, 2024/Sarah Fleming

Happy New Year from Dr. Judith Beck and Beck Institute! Here are some of the exciting things we have planned for 2024.

Understanding the Interplay Between Disordered Eating and Perfectionism

December 19, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Jenna DiLossi, PsyD, ABPP, explores the role that perfectionism plays in the development, maintenance, and treatment of eating disorders.

Introducing CBT Supervisors to the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale-Revised

December 5, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Beck Institute hosted a live virtual workshop for experienced CBT practitioners who wanted to improve their supervisory skills.

New to CBT? Three Pieces of Advice from Dr. Judith Beck

November 17, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Dr. Judith Beck shares three pieces of advice for clinicians and students who are just getting started learning CBT.

Failure to Launch: A Case Study of a Client Who Felt “Stuck”

November 2, 2023/Sarah Fleming

In this case study, Beck Institute clinician Francine Broder, PsyD, describes a client’s presenting problems, as well as his strengths, and some of the ways that she used a recovery-oriented approach to CBT treatment to accommodate his individual needs and goals.

Group Supervision from Beck Institute: “A Safe Space to Learn”

October 23, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Participants in a Beck Institute CBT supervision group from Malaysia reflected on the experience of learning from and with their peers.

Beck Institute and Holy Family University Announce Training Partnership

October 10, 2023/Sarah Fleming

                                                                                     PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  OCTOBER 10, 2023 BALA CYNWYD, PA – Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy […]

Should I Do This or Should I Do That?: CBT for Indecision

October 2, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Indecision can be defined as the inability or hesitancy to make a decision quickly, or experiencing difficulty making decisions. Indecision can become problematic when it causes an individual emotional distress or leads to negative consequences.