Welcome to 2024
Welcome to 2024

January 4, 2024/Sarah Fleming

Happy New Year from Dr. Judith Beck and Beck Institute! Here are some of the exciting things we have planned for 2024.

Introducing CBT Supervisors to the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale-Revised

December 5, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Beck Institute hosted a live virtual workshop for experienced CBT practitioners who wanted to improve their supervisory skills.

New to CBT? Three Pieces of Advice from Dr. Judith Beck

November 17, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Dr. Judith Beck shares three pieces of advice for clinicians and students who are just getting started learning CBT.

Group Supervision from Beck Institute: “A Safe Space to Learn”

October 23, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Participants in a Beck Institute CBT supervision group from Malaysia reflected on the experience of learning from and with their peers.

Conceptualizing and Reducing Therapist Drift

August 31, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Although effective treatments have been developed for many mental health disorders, most people do not receive these life-changing evidence-based therapies.

Helping Clients Live in the Present: The Three Buttons Metaphor

July 26, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Dr. Norman Cotterell shares a useful metaphor that can help clients live fully in the present.

Culturally Responsive CBT: A Conversation with Pamela A. Hays, PhD

June 27, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Leading expert in culturally responsive CBT, Pamela A. Hays, PhD, talks to Beck Institute about the steps clinicians should take to ensure they are appropriately adapting CBT for clients from a range of backgrounds and cultures, and personal preferences, characteristics, and needs.

Beck Institute’s International Reach: Highlights from Two Recent Trips

June 26, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Beck Institute’s leadership recently traveled to Japan, Jordan, and Korea to help disseminate CBT and learn more about CBT training needs internationally.

Special Considerations When Working with Sexual and Gender Minorities

June 14, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Affirmative Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help sexual and gender minority clients increase self-compassion and decrease negative self-talk and beliefs.

Conceptualizing Trauma: Identifying Key Cognitions in CBT for PTSD

June 8, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Identifying beliefs relating to a traumatic event can enhance CBT for clients with PTSD.

Beck Institute Supervision: A Supervisee’s Experience

June 1, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Chika Anireto shares her experience with Beck Institute’s supervision program.

NatCon23 Recap with Beck Institute

May 15, 2023/Annika Norris

Each spring, the National Council for Mental Wellbeing holds NatCon, the largest conference in mental health. This year, Beck Institute […]

What will you do for Aaron T. Beck Day? 

May 11, 2023/Ivy McDaniels

Individuals from around the world will participate in our annual Aaron T. Beck Day celebration. Get involved today!

Beck Institute Celebrates Mental Health Month 2023

April 28, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

Learn how Beck Institute is participating in Mental Health Month 2023.

What Are Technique Trainings?

April 26, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

We recently developed a brand-new on-demand training format to meet the needs of our busy trainees: technique trainings in the […]

Can New Technology Help Improve Mental Health?

April 21, 2023/Sarah Fleming

Across the globe, most individuals with mental health conditions do not receive treatment, let alone evidence-based care. Barriers to effective […]

What’s New in Beck Institute’s Partnership with the National Council for Mental Wellbeing?

April 14, 2023/Sarah Fleming

As Beck Institute enters the second year of its Bronze level partnership with the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, we […]

Our Upcoming CBT for Suicide Prevention Course

March 14, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

We’ve Officially Launched Our CBT for Suicide Prevention On-Demand Course! Learn More and Enroll Today! In the coming weeks, we […]

An Interview with Beck Institute’s First CBT Certified Master Clinician, Noah Clyman, LCSW-R 

March 10, 2023/Annika Norris

Clinicians who complete Beck Institute’s CBT Certified Master Clinician (BICBT-CMC) program have received rigorous training and supervision. As a continuation […]

Getting Ready for Therapy

February 22, 2023/Beck Institute Staff

By David A. Clark, PhD “Why do you want to see a therapist?” This question (or one like it) is […]