Beck Institute trainings receive continuing education credits through Praxis Continuing Education and Training.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Training for Individuals

BI provides online training in both CBT and CT-R in the following formats:
– On-demand courses, which include video-based lectures, self-paced activities, and an interactive community discussion Forum. These are self-paced, so you can access content anywhere, anywhere, from any device.

– Live workshops, which include lectures, group discussions, and Q&A sessions with our Faculty. These occur on set dates and times.

– Live webinars, which include lectures and Q&A sessions with our Faculty. These occur on set dates and times, and participants receive a recording after the webinar ends.

– Group trainings through our Training for Organizations program.
BI also provides in-person trainings to groups through our Training for Organizations program.
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Yes. You may elect to receive CE/CME credits through participation in our online and in-person trainings. Cost of CE credits is included in your registration payment. The number of credits earned differs from training to training. Please consult our training catalog for details on specific trainings.
– BI provides certificates of completion to trainees for completing our trainings. These certificates indicate full participation in the workshop, webinar, or course, and are entirely distinct from Beck Institute CBT Certification.

– For information on the Beck Institute CBT Certification program, please visit:
Please reach out to with any questions about trainings, or for assistance in deciding which training is right for you.
We welcome international and multilingual learners! As most trainings are offered in English, we recommend fluency in English.

Our on-demand courses are subtitled in English to provide greater ease of access.
– While we welcome health and mental health professionals from across disciplines, most of our trainings require at least a master’s degree in a relevant field. Please check the specific requirements for each training listed in our training catalog.

– Please note that we recommend (but do not require) taking one of our on-demand Core trainings prior to participation in other trainings.

– We occasionally offer trainings suitable for individuals without graduate degrees in health and mental health. If you fall into this category and are interested in a training, please check the specific requirements for each training listed in our training catalog.
– We have designed four primary trainings to provide trainees with a solid foundation in CBT. These courses are all prerequisites for Beck Institute CBT Certification, though you do not need to pursue Certification to participate in these courses. In fact, we encourage all trainees to take one of these courses prior to participating in another training. The Core trainings include:

Basics of CBT: Essentials I (on-demand only)
CBT for Depression (on-demand and live)
CBT for Anxiety (on-demand and live)
CBT for Personality Disorders (on-demand and live)

– We have also designed a comprehensive introduction to Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) in both a live and on-demand training format.
Please contact if you need to defer your participation in a training. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.
BI maintains a roster of expert faculty in CBT and CT-R. Each faculty member has demonstrated excellence in the field. Please visit Our Team for faculty bios.
Increasing access to excellent training is crucial to achieving our mission. BI provides financial support through need-based scholarships, an affordable workshop for graduate students, and training scholarships to professionals working with active-duty or veteran military personnel.

Other financial aid, including assistance for organizations seeking training through out Training for Organizations program, may be available. For more information, please contact
Please contact us at for information about internship, post-doctoral internship, or volunteer opportunities.

Training for Organizations

Beck Institute offers both in-person and online training for organizations through our Training for Organizations program. We work with groups of all sizes to bring evidence-based practices to their staff. Learn more.
Yes, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for their training via email.
Yes, we regularly conduct both in-person and online trainings around the world. Please contact our team today to see how you can bring CBT and CT-R training to your workplace.
We do not provide continuing education credits for training at organizations. Some organizations decide to get credits through a local university or other credentialing source. It is also our understanding that some licensing boards accept a certain number of hours of continuing education that are not approved in advance, *but it is up to the individual participant to submit proof of attendance to their licensing board. If the licensing board allows for this, the licensing board makes the determination on whether credits will be counted.
We typically schedule workshops 3-4 months in advance.
No, we do not allow audio or video recordings of trainings.
Yes, Beck Institute will provide handouts to the organization five days in advance of the training, electronically. The organization is responsible for making hard copies of handouts and distributing handouts to participants.
This depends on whether your training is online, in-person, or a combination of both. Generally, organizations seeking in-person training with BI need to secure a space to host the training in, all audio-visual and presentation equipment, and the staff who will receive the training. For online training, organizations must provide BI with a list of names and email addresses for all staff who will receive training.

CE Credits

Continuing Education (CE) credits are required by many US states to demonstrate continued learning in your professional field. Depending on the state in which you live, it may be mandatory to obtain a certain number of CE credits annually to maintain licensure.
Please check with your state to ensure that you earn the necessary number of CEs to maintain licensure.
Yes. The amount of CEs provided will depend on the length of the training. Please review our training catalog for up-to-date information on how many CEs are provided. The cost of CE credits is included in your registration payment.
Please review the complete CE information provided on our website. If a particular board is not listed, we recommend you contact this board for further details, as licensing board rules and regulations are subject to change.
No, you must attend the training in full in order to receive CE credit.
Praxis does not grant credit retroactively. All CE requirements must be fulfilled within 30 days of the training’s conclusion.
In order to receive CE credit, you need to take your training in full and follow the website link that is provided to you at the end of the training. You will need to complete a post-training evaluation and post-test if applicable. Once you complete this, you can download your CE certificate.

Then, you will receive directions and a link to electronically retrieve your CE certificate.

Graduate Student and Early Career Professional Workshop and Scholarship Competition

Each year, we host a special workshop geared towards graduate students, psychiatric residents, pre-doctoral interns, or post-doctoral fellows in a mental health or related field (health, education, etc.). Based on our mainstay CBT for Depression workshop and on-demand course, this special event provides an opportunity for students to connect with Beck Institute faculty and learn CBT from the source.

We offer this workshop at a significantly reduced cost, and run a scholarship competition for attendees, to increase access to our training for those who are just starting out in their careers.
After submitting your application via the website, you will receive an automated confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, please contact the training department.
All applicants will be notified of their status in late spring.
Yes, we offer financial assistance on a limited basis. Learn more.


Beck Institute supervisors are highly skilled cognitive therapists who have who have met the rigorous standards to become Beck Institute faculty members. You will be matched with a Beck Institute supervisor based on your treatment specialty.
Throughout your 10-session term of Supervision, your supervisor will rate your therapy recordings using the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale (CTRS). In order to successfully complete your term and receive a certificate of completion, you must obtain three scores of 44 or above and be recommended by your supervisor. You must attend all 10 sessions and submit at least nine recordings.

Trainees who do not reach competency receive a letter of participation and may enroll in additional terms.
Trainees who do not meet these requirements will receive a letter of participation documenting their participation in the supervision program and may enroll in additional terms.

Only completed terms of supervision that meet the requirements above will be considered eligible for your Beck CBT Certification.
All Beck Institute Supervision takes place remotely, through a HIPAA compliant Zoom account.
Beck Institute will provide you with a copy of the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale (CTRS) and CTRS Manual, a Cognitive Therapy Worksheet Packet, a Beck Institute Supervisee Protocol, access to a secure file sending service to send your recordings, and a sample consent form to use with your clients. You will also be provided with copies of Beck scales (BDI, BAI, and BHS ).

Please note, the BDI, BAI, BHS, and all Beck Scales are owned by Pearson Assessments and are provided as a special courtesy as part of your participation in the Beck Institute Supervision Program. They are only to be used with clients with whom you are working within the scope of the Beck Institute Supervision Program. Otherwise you will be in violation of copyright laws.
When you successfully complete the supervision program, you will receive a certificate of completion. You are encouraged to obtain certification in cognitive therapy through the Beck Institute CBT Certification program.
Supervision terms are eligible for 7.5 CEs.
Yes, trainees may submit translated (verbatim) English transcripts of therapy sessions along with each of their session recordings and will receive supervision conducted in English. Alternatively, we may be able to provide you with a Beck Institute supervisor who can listen to your tapes and conduct supervision calls in other languages.
Yes. Beck Institute supervisors represent a wide variety of expertise in using cognitive therapy with a range of disorders and specific populations.
Yes. If we are unable to provide you with the supervisor you request, we will match you to an available supervisor whose training and experience match your needs and interests.
Supervision of supervision is an advanced program for trainers of therapists. To be eligible to participate in supervision of supervision, you must first successfully complete your first standard term of supervision (Individual) and receive 3 scores of 50 or higher on the CTRS, in addition to obtaining a recommendation from your BI supervisor.

It is structured the same way as regular supervision (10 sessions over the course of three months). However, instead of recordings of therapy sessions, you will send your supervisor recordings in which you are supervising your own trainees. You will then receive feedback from your Beck Institute supervisor on how to become a more effective CBT supervisor.
Assuming you successfully passed supervision at the expected standard during which your supervision took place, your supervision term will be eligible to meet the Beck Institute Certification requirements. However, before proceeding to your Certification Work Sample submission, it is strongly recommended that you participate in an additional half-term of Beck Institute Supervision.

Please contact in order to request a half-term of supervision.
If you opt not to participate in a half-term of supervision, and fail to obtain a passing score of 44 on your work sample submission, you must then complete a full-term of supervision in order to be eligible to re-submit your Certification work sample.


Beck Institute CBT Certified Clinicians will receive a signed certificate, have access to resources provided by Beck Institute, discounts on select Beck Institute offerings, and invitations to attend exclusive Beck Institute-sponsored events and webinars. In addition, certified professionals will be included in our public therapist directory and be eligible to receive clinical referrals from Beck Institute.
The Beck Institute CBT Certification program is designed for clinicians who are generalists or specialists in terms of their client populations and/or the conditions their clients present with. The four course requirements for the Beck Institute CBT Certified Clinician level encompass the essential concepts and structure of CBT with consideration of the three most common conditions seen in the general population. The additional course requirements for the Beck Institute CBT Certified Master Clinician level include advanced coursework on topics of the applicant’s choosing.

Individuals who are interested in taking individual workshops or courses are not required to apply for Beck Institute CBT Certification. The application is only required for Beck Institute CBT Certification. Individuals who are interested in becoming a Beck Institute Certified Clinician must apply, complete all required coursework and supervision, complete the attestations, and submit a passing Work Sample.
Individuals eligible for Beck Institute CBT Certification must have a terminal degree in a mental health or allied health field, have substantial clinical experience, be able to attest to a history of ethical practice, and be licensed and professionally insured (if required) to practice in their locale. For more information, please review the full list of prerequisites.

Applicants must provide a license (or another document) that recognizes legal, independent practice in mental and/or behavioral health fields if a license is required in the locale in which they practice. Independent practice signifies that the individual has full licensure and the ability to provide treatment without working under the supervision of another provider. Individuals in the United States and most provinces in Canada require licensure to practice.
Yes! We welcome international applicants to Beck Institute CBT Certification and those
whose native language is not English. However, applicants should be able to read and write in English at the intermediate level.
You will need reliable internet access. We use different platforms to communicate with participants, including:

– Our on-demand courses, which have several technical requirements
– Phone calls or video conferencing through Zoom
– A private, password-protected file-sharing portal that Beck Institute provides to all trainees

If you are an international applicant, please ensure that you can use these tools in your country.
We strive to make this rigorous program financially accessible for as many interested candidates as possible. As such, we have designed the program to be flexible in nature. The financial and time investment can vary, depending on the degree to which each candidate has already completed necessary coursework prior to enrolling, and their personal preference of on-demand or live trainings.

– There is an initial application fee of $100, as well as a final work sample fee of $300.
– Live trainings range from 1-3 days in length and from $300-900 in cost.
– On-demand trainings range from 4-8 weeks in length (ranging from 8-16 total training hours per course) and from $350-$590 in cost.
– Supervision is $3,000 per 10-week term.

Please note that these figures do not take into consideration applicable discounts.

We estimate that the entire process takes an average of 1-2 years. We do not require candidates in the program to become certified within a particular time frame. However, if candidates are inactive for one year (meaning they are not registered for or actively participating in any online courses, in-person workshops, or supervision), they will be removed from the program. Individuals who become inactive and are removed from the Beck Institute CBT Certification program are welcomed to apply again.
No, Beck Institute CBT Certification is intended as a form of continuing education and assessment for licensed clinicians already practicing psychotherapy. You are not awarded a degree and our training does not confer license to provide therapy. Instead, our training helps clinicians achieve proficiency in providing CBT effectively and with fidelity to the evidence-based model.

To find out how to be licensed to practice psychotherapy in your area, check with the governing board of licenses in your region.
Beck Institute CBT Certification requires coursework and supervision designed by the Drs. Beck and based on the cognitive model as taught at Beck Institute. Individuals in our program will improve their skills in applying the core components of Beck Institute CBT, receive supervision from a CBT expert, and be evaluated on their CBT skills and conceptual understanding of the model. Our program raises the bar for excellence in CBT.

If you are already certified by another organization, you may still apply for Beck Institute CBT Certification.
Yes. Basics of CBT: Essentials I provides foundational CBT concepts, ensures adherence to the cognitive model in the practice of CBT as it is currently being taught, and helps us to establish consistency in excellence across a broad range of disciplines, settings and populations served. Feedback from past trainees–even those with high-level experience and expertise–is that the course is informative, engaging, and a worthwhile refresher and reorientation to the model.
Yes, past Beck Institute training that conforms to the hours and content focus of the certification coursework requirements counts toward Beck Institute CBT Certification.

Customized training provided through Beck Institute’s Training for Organizations (TFO) program may also count towards Beck Institute CBT Certification when it conforms to the topic, objectives, and hours required for certification. TFO training that departs significantly from the framework of the prerequisites will not be counted.
All Beck Institute Certified Professionals are recognized as having achieved a high degree of proficiency in delivering CBT with fidelity to the model developed by Aaron T. Beck.

– Beck Institute CBT Certified Clinician (BICBT-CC) is the first level of Beck Institute CBT Certification. BICBT-CCs have completed significant training in treating the most common conditions seen in the general population and have demonstrated their competence in CBT.

– Beck Institute CBT Certified Master Clinician (BICBT-CMC) is the second level. To progress to Beck Institute Certified Master Clinician, candidates must first be a Beck Institute Certified Clinician. BICBT-CMCs will have completed additional training and supervision in specialized areas and will have demonstrated a high degree of proficiency in CBT.

– Beck Institute CBT Certified Supervisor (BICBT-CS) is the third level. To progress to Beck Institute Certified Supervisor, candidates must first be a Beck Institute Certified Master Clinician. BICBT-CSs will have completed additional training and supervision specific to teaching and supervising CBT.
Beck Institute CBT Certification is valid for five years. After five years, Beck Institute Certified Professionals will be required to requalify. The recertification process ensures continued fidelity to the CBT model.

Beck Institute CBT Certified Clinicians are required to submit a passing work sample and complete 25 hours of Beck Institute training at the time of recertification. Recertification is required at the end of the fifth year of the certification term.
More Information

To request accommodations for disabilities or to address grievances, please email