Helping Health and Mental Health Professionals Provide Better Care to Their Clients

Beck Institute is proud to offer an array of online and downloadable resources for health and mental health professionals and students. Our collection of resources is always expanding as we find and create new materials to share. 

Assessment Tools

Assessing patient progress is an essential feature of good CBT. Learn about available assessment tools and download select scales along with scoring manuals and validity studies. 


Find a collection of videos including Q&A sessions with Dr. Aaron Beck, clinical tips from Beck Institute’s expert clinicians, and podcast recordings.

Research Corner

Our research corner contains citations and full text links (when available) for key studies demonstrating the efficacy of CBT for a variety of health and mental health conditions. 

CBT Worksheet Packet

Our CBT Worksheet Packet has been updated with new and revised worksheets from the third edition of Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Basics and Beyond. Designed by Dr. Judith Beck for use in clinical settings, this e-booklet contains Cognitive Conceptualization Diagrams (both traditional and strength-based), Thought Records, Case Write-up Worksheets, and more.  

Helpful instructions and filled-out examples accompany each worksheet.  

Patient Pamphlets

These client-facing resources are designed to help health and mental health professionals provide their clients with psychoeducation about their diagnosis and about CBT. 

Resources from Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Basics and Beyond (Third Edition) 

Access resources that complement Dr. Judith Beck’s essential CBT textbook, including worksheets, case materials, and videos of therapy sessions.

Resources from Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy for Serious Mental Health Conditions

Access supplemental materials from the book co-authored by Dr. Aaron Beck and Beck Institute Center for Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy staff, Drs. Paul Grant and Ellen Inverso.