Dr. Aaron Beck sends his heartfelt thanks to ALL of you–students, friends, and colleagues from around the world–who sent so many warm birthday wishes to him.

Two students from Romania sent him the following letter and photo:

Happy Birthday Dr. Beck from two students from Romania, Fabian and Alina.

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet you in Boston at the WCBT Congress, and Dr. Judith Beck as well. We also took a few memorable pictures and we would like to send it to you.

We were students of Dr. Daniel David, in Romania and currently we are graduate students in New York. We wanted to congratulate you for your birthday, wish you all the best and assure you of our total appreciation, respect and love. We thank you for everything you are, you did and you mean for thousands of people across the globe and for many, many generations to come.

Thank you Dr. Beck and Happy Birthday again!

Please receive our humble and warmest wishes,

Fabian and Alina Agiurgioaei Boie

Boston WCBT 2010 Romanian Students