In recent months, Beck Institute has widened its social media presence through the creation of a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a YouTube Channel. We are pleased to announce that we now have more than 450 fans on Facebook and close to 180  followers on Twitter.

Our Facebook page allows users to interact with Beck Institute directly. New and interesting activities at Beck Institute, including our training events, are frequently posted. Anyone can access the Beck Institute page, including people without a Facebook account. Click here to visit the Beck Institute Facebook page and become our fan.

Our Twitter page updates and directs followers to news and events happening at Beck Institute and within the worldwide CBT community. Click here to view all of our tweets and to start following Beck Institute on Twitter.

The Beck Institute YouTube Channel was created to share videos of Dr. Aaron Beck  and Dr. Judith Beck  in the media. We have also posted an introductory video which provides an overview of our training programs. YouTube viewers are welcome to be part of our channel and subscribe to it. Click here to view the Beck Institute YouTube channel.