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The Beck Institute is excited to announce the founding of our International Advisory Committee.

The Beck Institute is a global enterprise, delivering CBT training and resources all over the world. We are also a nonprofit, and everything we do is aimed at fulfilling our mission to “Improve lives worldwide through excellence in CBT.” Based in the US, we strive to be sensitive to the unique needs of different audiences and rely upon the input of respected professionals to help inform our work. This year, we formalized a network of CBT professionals from many nations who will help us connect with practitioners in a more meaningful and significant way: the Beck International Advisory Committee.

We chose the inaugural members of the Beck International Advisory Committee with care. They come to us with a track record of leadership and professional accomplishments in their respective countries. They are recognized experts in the field of CBT research, clinical practice and dissemination. We are delighted to work with them to promote excellence in our field, across the world.

Please join us in congratulating them:

  • Sunil Bhar, Australia
  • Claudi Bockting, The Netherlands
  • Young Hee Choi, Korea
  • David A. Clark, Canada
  • David M. Clark, United Kingdom
  • Daniel David, Romania
  • Stefan Hofmann, United States
  • Nikolaos Kazantzis, Australia
  • Paulo Knapp, Brazil
  • Dmitrii Kovpak, Russia
  • Irina Lazarova, Bulgaria
  • Antonella Montano, Italy
  • Roger Ng, Hong Kong
  • Yutaka Ono, Japan
  • Melanie Periera, Brazil
  • Paul Salkovskis, United Kingdom
  • Grigoris Simos, Greece
  • Mehmet Sungur, Turkey
  • Hakan Turkapar, Turkey
  • Jianping Wang, China