Free Downloadable Resources for Clients

An important part of CBT is providing psychoeducation to clients about their diagnosis and transparency about what to expect from treatment. Our free downloadable patient pamphlets are easy to understand and can help clients learn about their diagnosis and what CBT treatment entails.

These pamphlets can be used by therapists with clients in session, or downloaded by individuals who want to learn more about CBT.

Coping with Depression

This pamphlet identifies thinking patterns and symptoms common in depression. It provides an overview of CBT strategies used to help clients with depression improve their mood through an emphasis on values, goals, and aspirations.

Coping with Anxiety

This pamphlet provides an overview of generalized anxiety disorder. It teaches clients how CBT can help people respond to inaccurate or unhelpful thoughts that can lead to feelings of anxiety. 

Coping with Chronic Pain

This pamphlet explains how psychological approaches to pain management can help individuals experiencing chronic pain cope with emotional distress, engage in activities that provide pleasure or meaning, and reduce their levels of disability due to pain.

Coping with Postpartum Depression

This pamphlet describes the thinking patterns, emotions, and behaviors common in postpartum depression, and explains how CBT can help parents normalize the difficult nature of new parenthood, prioritize connection and social support, and work toward meaningful goals.

A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Relationships

This pamphlet provides information about how CBT can help partners in all different types of relationships improve communication, resolve misinterpretations, and work together in pursuit of shared aspirations. 

A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Weight Management

This pamphlet explains how cognitive and behavioral strategies can help clients implement healthy habits and stick with them to improve their health long term.