About this Webinar

Presented by Dr. Allen Miller, Beck Institute’s Director of CBT Programs, this free webinar provides an in-depth look into how CBT can be effectively adapted to provide care for victims of war and violent conflict. This webinar is appropriate for professionals and paraprofessionals including: therapists, caseworkers, medical professionals, frontline workers, and professionals in many other disciplines.

About Dr. Allen Miller

Allen R. Miller, PhD, MBA, is a seasoned clinician, trainer, and administrator who provides oversight to the training and clinical services at Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy. For over 25 years, he held leadership positions in a large integrated health system where he provided administrative and operational oversight for the behavioral health service line that served hospitals and medical practices. As a clinician, Dr. Miller has used CBT to help people of all ages with a myriad of presenting problems coming from forensic, community, educational, and medical settings. Dr. Miller was directly involved in the clinical response to 9/11, and was on the ground in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Miller has conducted workshops, written professional articles, and published several resource books for lay readers about personality, depression, anxiety, and stress.