Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale – Revised (CTRS-R)

Beck Institute developed the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale – Revised (CTRS-R) as an update to the original CTRS developed by our co-founder, Dr. Aaron T. Beck, and Dr. Jeffrey Young, in 1980. For more than 40 years, this important tool has been used by CBT therapists and supervisors to measure the way in which therapists deliver CBT. This 2022 update retains the information provided in the original CTRS and expands upon the criteria for successfully performing the 11 crucial elements of CBT as defined by the CTRS.

Learn more about why we developed the CTRS-R in this blog post written by our Director of CBT Programs, Dr. Allen Miller.

CBT Checklist

This helpful document can be used as a companion to the CTRS-R, or on its own. It highlights the key actions that therapists should take while performing the 11 items contained on the CTRS-R. Regardless of whether this is used alongside the CTRS-R, this checklist can help you practice and refine your CBT skills while in session.

Using the CTRS-R

Our CBT in Practice on-demand course contains a great deal of information about the CTRS-R and how to use it to ensure you are practicing the most current version of CBT, as informed by the latest research.

We also hold an annual Training CBT Supervisors live workshop, which is appropriate for experienced clinicians who would like to learn how to use the CTRS-R to provide supervision and rate supervisees’ work. Check our training catalog to see when our next Training CBT Supervisors workshop will be held.

Looking for the original CTRS?

You can download the original CTRS, as developed by Drs. Beck and Young, here. This PDF contains the CTRS, its corresponding manual and score report, and related research studies.