Beck Institute CBT Accreditation for Organizations

Beck Institute CBT Accreditation will provide an avenue for organizations to develop closer relationships with the Beck Institute, enhance their training and treatment, improve outcomes and expand access to excellent CBT worldwide. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Organizations who meet and maintain compliance with the rigorous standards held by Beck Institute will be eligible to earn the designation of a “Beck Institute Accredited” organization. 
Accreditation by Beck Institute is for organizations that have met standards and continue to provide clinical services and/or training in accordance with the Beck Institute model for CBT. Accreditation is available to organizations who employ Beck Institute certified clinicians and supervisors. 
Accredited organizations must employ Beck Institute Certified clinicians and supervisors. Organizations that provide on-site clinical training must provide supervision conducted by Beck Institute certified supervisors.  

Certification is a process and designation for individuals. Individuals within organizations may be certified even though the organization for which they work may not be accredited.