Ongoing training on how to do CBT after a live or on-demand training is crucial to transferring a clinician’s new knowledge to their clinical work with clients. Beck Institute’s Individual Supervision program is designed to help you develop further competence in CBT with one-on-one guidance from our expert faculty.

Prerequisites for Individual Supervision

  • Completion of a live Beck Institute core workshop or on-demand course, completion of a core Beck Institute training through your employer, or the equivalent
  • Proof that you are licensed to practice psychotherapy in your locale (if required by your country)
  • Access to 2-3 consenting clients; Beck Institute is unable to provide clients
  • The ability to submit one audio recording of a therapy session electronically once per week
  • Supervisees should submit session recordings with clients who have been seen for at least three sessions

How It Works

Each week for 10 weeks, you will submit a session recording to your supervisor for review. Your supervisor will then provide individualized feedback during a 45-minute phone or virtual video conferencing session and a score based on the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale — Revised (CTRS-R©). You will also have the option to add on additional half-terms of 5 weekly sessions as needed.

The cost per 10-week term is $3,000, and trainees earn 7.5 CE credits per term.


  • One term includes 10 weekly sessions
  • Terms begin on the first of each month
  • Additional half-terms of 5 weekly sessions can be added as needed


  • 45-minute review sessions
  • Sessions are held via phone or virtually by video conferencing


  • $3,000 per 10-week term
  • Includes 7.5 CE credits per term

Passing Individual Supervision

In order to pass the Individual Supervision program, trainees must:

  • Attend all scheduled sessions of each contracted term; 
  • Submit recordings for all but one session in each contracted term; 
  • Submit a CCD for each unique client for whom sessions are reviewed; and 
  • Obtain at least three scores of 22 or above on the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale — Revised (CTRS-R©) used to measure competency.

Trainees who reach proficiency receive a certificate of completion from Beck Institute. All other trainees receive a letter of participation.

Supervision Information Packet

Ready to build your CBT skills, but unsure whether individual supervision is a good fit for your professional goals and the specific support you need in your practice? Download our helpful information packet to learn more. This brochure summarizes the program and can be shared with your supervisor or colleagues.

Individual Supervision Application

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