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Working with Therapists Treating Clients in the Military, Veterans, and their Families: A Conversation with Rosanna Sposato, PsyD

Rosanna Sposato, PsyD, specializes in CBT for a variety of disorders and presenting problems. She has led Beck Institute workshops […]

Cognitive Therapy is Helping Veterans

Guest Blogger: John Milwee, Psy.D., Veterans Administration therapist and Beck Institute alumnus Veterans returning from the conflicts in Afghanistan and […]

Veterans with Post-traumatic Stress rate effectiveness of CBT when delivered remotely and in person

A recent study in Behavior Modification evaluated ratings submitted by veterans who were receiving cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) via different […]

Telephone-based CBT Improves PTSD Symptoms among Returning Veterans

Objectives: Many service members do not seek care for mental health and addiction problems, often with serious consequences for them, […]

Telephone-Delivered CBT for Pain Management among Older Military Veterans

This study investigated the effectiveness of telephone-delivered cognitive-behavioral therapy (T-CBT) in the management of chronic pain with older military veterans […]

Veterans with TBI and Suicidality

Previous research has shown that, in recent years, there has been an increased rate of suicide in soldiers returning from […]

Military and Veterans Suicide Prevention: Unpacking Unique Stressors in the Military Community

By Marjan Holloway, PhD, Beck Institute Speaker & Supervisor and Hallie Grossman, Communications Coordinator Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, military suicides […]