Adjunct professor in La Salle University’s PsyD Program in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Rosanna Sposato became an adjunct professor at Beck Institute in 2012 and at La Salle University in 2011. She is especially interested in the integration of CBT and Acceptance-based interventions. When she worked at Princeton University Medical Center, she treated individuals struggling with addiction who were attending a 28-day inpatient program where she developed a short-term CBT treatment protocol. Her patients were at every level of care—in hospital, partial hospital, Intensive Outpatient, and outpatient. She also worked with Dr. Aaron Beck at the University of Pennsylvania and participated in a large scale dissemination project involved in consulting with and training community therapists on the implementation of Cognitive Therapy with adults and children. Most recently, she has been collaborating with psychiatrists and other medical providers to treat clients on an outpatient basis and has supervised other mental health professionals in how to use CBT for addictions.

Specialties: Anxiety, mood disorders, borderline personality disorder, substance use disorders, trauma.