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Supervision at Beck Institute: Expanding Your Expertise

Refine your CBT skills with the help of Beck Institute’s expert faculty.

Our supervision program is an intensive training opportunity designed to help you implement knowledge gained from our workshops and online training to further develop competence in CBT. 

Research on adult learning consistently shows that ongoing training on how to apply CBT after a workshop is crucial to transferring the clinician’s new knowledge to their clinical work. Therapists who receive supervision typically demonstrate a higher level of competence in administering CBT after successful completion of our program.  

This program is appropriate for practicing clinicians who are independently licensed (not students or pre-licensed professionals). 

My supervisor was helpful in so many ways … He was not only interested in helping me with my therapeutic skills, but he provided me with book references, articles — any and all information that could empower my knowledge in cognitive therapy … and he showed remarkable attention towards my concerns and questions. This clinical supervision was a very important element in the improvement of my clinical skills. I truly recommend this program. Thank you!

Maria M.R., Mexico

Download the Supervision information packet.


  • Supervision is conducted via phone or video conferencing, allowing trainees and supervisors to work together from across the world.
    • We can currently accommodate supervisees in English and additional languages in a limited capacity. Please reach out to us for more information.
  • We offer terms of 10 weekly, 45 minute sessions, with the option to add on additional terms of 5 weekly sessions 
  • The cost per 10-week term Is $3,000 
  • Trainees earn 7.5 CE credits per 10-week term 
  • In order to be admitted into the program, trainees must meet these prerequisites:   
    • Hold a valid license to practice 
    • Secure consent to record 2-3 clients 
    • Maintain the ability to submit audio recordings 
  • In order to pass the program, trainees must:  
    • Attend all scheduled sessions of each contracted term; 
    • Submit recordings for all but one session in each contracted term; 
    • Submit a CCD for each unique client for whom sessions are reviewed; and 
    • Obtain at least three scores of 44 or above on the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale used to measure competency 
  • Trainees who reach proficiency receive a letter of completion from Beck Institute. All other trainees receive a letter of participation. 

Please see the overall objectives for more details and our FAQs for common questions.  

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