Our 2022 clinical roundtable discussion, moderated by Judith S. Beck, PhD, demonstrates how CBT can be adapted to work with clients from a range of cultural backgrounds. Three experts in CBT each make a 10-minute clinical presentation about an episode of care with a deidentified client, focusing on the clients’ unique backgrounds and highlighting the role of culture and individual experiences in the development of core beliefs, assumptions, and rules. Each expert discusses the impact of racism and discrimination on the development and maintenance of mental health concerns, and further describes how they adapted CBT treatment based on their clients’ cultural identities and experiences.

Clinical Roundtable Experts

Jesús Salas, PsyD, ABPP – Director of the Center for Integrative Psychotherapy PC, in Allentown, PA and Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology

Nimisha Kumar, PhD – Senior Consultant Psychologist and trained Cognitive Behavior Therapist.

Saiqa Naz – CBT therapist and President of the British Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).


Judith S. Beck, PhD – President, Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy