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Director, CT-R Program

Dr. Inverso serves alongside Paul Grant, PhD as Director of Beck Institute’s Center for Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy. She provides training and consultation to mental health care providers in Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) for individuals with serious mental illness. She is actively involved in collaborative efforts to infuse recovery into large systems of care and has developed innovative and transformative strategies for implementing CT-R on inpatient psychiatric units, in community residences and forensic facilities, and on assertive community treatment (ACT) teams. The aim of her work with multidisciplinary teams is to energize treatment milieus, foster connection and collaboration between staff and those served, and help invigorate the recovery goals of individuals. Dr. Inverso also highly values opportunities to connect and work with family members and loved ones who support individuals in their recovery journey. As part of her duties as Clinical Director, Dr. Inverso provides clinical training and supervision for the Recovery Network postdoctoral fellows to support their completion of the requirements for licensure in psychology.