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Conversationally Speaking: Tested New Ways to Increase Your Personal and Social Effectiveness

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*ALMOST 1 MILLION SOLD!* Conversationally Speaking has become the most popular book in the world teaching conversation skills.  Millions of people have used it to learn the secrets of effective communication. This revised edition provides more ways to improve your conversation skills by giving you strategies that work for starting conversations, asking questions that promote interaction, interesting people in what you have to say, listening so that others will be encouraged to talk, avoiding rejection-producing behavior, handling criticism constructively, and more.

Everybody thinks that some people are born with the “gift of gab” and some people aren’t. But the truth is there is no “gift of gab.” People who are good at conversation just know a few simple skills that anyone can learn.  This book will teach you those skills.

Chapter 12 uniquely summarizes in 25 pages the life’s work of famed psychologist Dr. Albert Ellis on overcoming shyness and becoming more confident- and does it so well it received praise from Dr. Ellis himself!

Find out why Toastmaster Magazine calls Conversationally Speakingthe classic how-to book in social communication” and why Dr. Aaron Beck, whose work has had a major influence on thousands of psychologists, calls it “of great value for people who want to sharpen their skills in interpersonal relations.”  Click on the “Look Inside” feature above the cover picture and sample the book.