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The devastating impact of substance misuse has reached epidemic proportions. Although misuse occurs among diverse groups of people, there are similarities in their misuse patterns. Common characteristics of misuse include cravings and urges to use, maladaptive beliefs about substances and their effects, mood fluctuations, alternating between feeling in-control and helpless, and ambivalence about change.

Led by Allen R. Miller, Ph.D., this experiential workshop will teach participants to use CBT with their clients who struggle with substance misuse. Through demonstrations and roleplays, participants will develop their skill set in delivering CBT for substance misuse. Dr. Miller will teach participants how to conceptualize cases within a CBT framework and use this conceptualization in conjunction with abstinence-based and harm-reduction programs. Participants will learn ways to build the therapeutic relationship and use motivational techniques to promote and foster change.

Available Dates:

  • October 13-14, 2018

Workshop Times:

8:15am – 4:00pm

Workshop Location:

Roosevelt University - This event is not a function of Roosevelt University


Overall Objectives:


12.25 credits

For More Information:

All trainees receive a Letter of Workshop Attendance verifying participation in this program.

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Workshop Curriculum

Day 1

  • Day 1
    - Rationale for using CBT for substance use disorders
    - Using the therapeutic relationship and motivational techniques to set the stage for change
    - CBT conceptualization of substance misuse
    - CBT treatment planning of goals and objectives

Day 2

  • Day 2
    - CBT treatment for cravings/urges
    - CBT treatment for dealing with trigger situations
    - CBT treatment for depression and anxiety
    - Relapse prevention

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