Cover of CBT for Military and Veteran Suicide Prevention

CBT for Military and Veteran Suicide Prevention

This workshop is offered at a reduced cost thanks to our Soldier Suicide Prevention Scholarship, which provides training scholarships for mental health professionals treating active-duty and/or veteran military members and their families.

Active duty military service members, veterans and their families pose unique challenges in treatment. This workshop focuses on the evidence-based methods of cognitive behavior therapy to help clients with suicide-related ideation and/or behaviors.

Led by Marjan G. Holloway, PhD, this experiential workshop will teach you how to use the cognitive model to conceptualize military-related clients. You’ll learn the three phases of a research -based cognitive behavior outpatient protocol to prevent suicide, including the collaborative creation of a step-by-step safety plan.

This workshop is designed for civilian mental health providers who routinely work with military service members, families, and/or veterans in community settings, as well as mental health providers who work within military treatment facilities and/or VA hospital settings.

Workshop Times:

8:45am – 4:00pm

Workshop Location:

Beck Institute


Overall Objectives:


18 credits

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All trainees receive a Letter of Workshop Attendance verifying participation in this program.

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Workshop Curriculum

  • Public Health Problem of Suicide for Military Personnel, Veterans, and Familie Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Suicide Prevention Cognitive Therapy for Suicide Prevention (CT-SP) Early Phases Rationale for the Suicide Narrative Case Review and Conceptualization

  • Cognitive Therapy for Suicide Prevention (CT-S) Middle Phases Suicide Automatic Thoughts Cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skill building Q&A Session with Dr. Aaron T. Beck

  • Cognitive Therapy for Suicide Prevention (CT-SP) Final Phase Relapse Prevention, Termination, and Booseter Sessions Suicide Risk Management–Introduction to Safety Planning Post Admission Cognitive Therapy (PACT) Professional Burnout-Therapist Maladaptive Cognition and Recommendations for Self-Care

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