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Both Petrona Anderson (left) and Makiko Clark (right) traveled to the Beck Institute workshop in Philadelphia from Japan. Their 15 hour flight took them to Pittsburgh, where they had an additional 4 hour drive to Philadelphia. DSC_0130 Both work in the same department at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan. Makiko works as a LCSW for the Navy and Petrona, a LMHC, works as a substance abuse counselor. They decided to come to the workshop (even though it was so far away) because Makiko had always wanted to attend a training at Beck Institute. She had researched CBT training online and learned Beck Institute's prestige. Petrona was excited for the experience to travel and experience Philadelphia. Petrona appreciated learning how to enhance the therapeutic alliance. Makiko said "sometimes we think we know what to do from reading the books, but learning in person makes a big impact." She knows that attending this Core 1 workshop on CBT for Depression and Suicidality has helped her to be able to deliver better and more efficient therapy. Both learned to be aware of their own automatic thoughts, and how to keep that from having an impact on treatment. They appreciated all four presenters of being professional, yet humble. "They (the presenters) were open to questions at any time and were willing to answer anything." Petrona and Makiko ended our mini-interview laughing, saying Dr. Judith Beck's line "I'm so glad you told me that!"