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As a therapist in Madrid, Pablo knew he wanted to improve his skills and, after reading many of both Drs. Beck’s books, he decided to come to Philadelphia for our Core 2: CBT for Anxiety course. “Part of being a great therapist is constantly working to improve your skills, and the best way is to go directly to the source.” DSC_0138Pablo works in a clinic at the University of Madrid where he is a therapist, researcher, and supervisor of final-year students. He also works at the Deyre Medical Clinic, where he provides therapy to trauma patients. His clients are mainly adults and adolescents with depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders. “When I grow up as a therapist I want to be just like Amy,” referring to Dr. Wenzel, who instructed the 3 day course on CBT for Anxiety. Roleplays were his favorite part of the workshop, because that’s when he got to see Dr. Wenzel “in action.” On having the opportunity to meet Dr. Aaron Beck, “I have seen so many videos on YouTube, it was like I met him a long time ago.”  His favorite lesson from the workshop was that “CBT is eclectic, it’s not a rigid therapy where you have to do A, B, then C. It’s fluid.” No trip to Philadelphia is complete without a history tour and a cheese steak, which Pablo enjoyed and said,”I’m going to have to repeat that!”