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Dr. Ignacio Etchebarne

Dr. Etchebarne works as a clinical psychologist treating adults with anxiety and performs psychotherapy research. He is currently developing a research program in Argentina about CBT for Personal Growth. He was so excited to (finally) come to Beck Institute after completing supervision and consultation with multiple Beck Institute staff.

He combined this training, Teaching and Supervising CBT, with his presentation next week at the Society for Psychotherapy Research conference at the University of Pennsylvania, which has a theme of "Psychotherapy: improving adaptation from the inner life to the outer world." His presentation will focus on psychotherapy for personal growth.

This workshop came at the perfect time for him, because he plans to begin providing supervision to new therapists. "I’m eager to start doing everything I learned" “This workshop is a must if you want to learn how to provide evidence based supervision and teaching in CBT.”

"It's been so good, I learned so much about teaching in general that took me by surprise. It was shocking in a good sense, I was unconsciously confident."