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Meet Deborah Zwick, PhD, a clinical psychologist who traveled to Beck Institute from Vail, Colorado. She, along with 41 other mental health professionals, attended our workshop,DSC_0389 CBT for Children and Adolescents taught by Torrey Creed, PhD. She decided this workshop would be a great fit for her career, as she consults with private schools and is now seeing more children in her practice. After working for 25 years in Chicago with adolescents and adults, adding knowledge on working specifically with children will help to expand her practice. Her biggest takeaway from this training? CBT is malleable. It can be used in a variety of ways with all types of clients. Dr. Creed is "fantastic; her combination of enthusiasm, warmth and evidence-based, sound material" made this "one of the better workshops I've attended in many years." Dr. Zwick also appreciated how this workshop drew professionals from around the world, with participants from 6 countries and 16 states. Coming to Beck Institute is like "going to the mountaintop for learning CBT."