18 CEs

Led by Judith S. Beck, PhD and Amy Cunningham, PsyD, this advanced-level workshop is designed for mental health professionals who have mastered the basics of CBT and want to enhance their ability to deliver CBT efficiently and effectively to clients who present with more complicated problems. Patients with complex difficulties and/or personality disorders pose special difficulties in treatment. For example,  they may fail to fully engage in treatment, continually miss sessions, feel hopeless or stuck, become angry with their therapist, engage in self-harm, use substances, blame others, avoid homework, experience continual crises, call their therapist too often between sessions, demand special treatment—the list of challenges that arise in session and between sessions could go on and on.

Through didactic instruction, case discussions, videos by master clinicians, supervised role-playing, and other hands-on learning experiences, attendees will learn how to quickly conceptualize why clients engage in these “coping” strategies and then, specifically, what to do. They’ll learn how to effectively implement and vary the basic structural elements of CBT, and how to develop, maintain, and use the therapeutic alliance to achieve therapeutic goals. They’ll learn specific techniques to use in challenging cases, as well as how to use CBT techniques on themselves when clients’ behaviors trigger their own core beliefs. The third day of the workshop will focus on CBT for borderline personality disorder.