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Personality disorder clients often present with unique challenges. They may fail to engage in treatment, self-harm, use substances, experience continual crises, become angry at the therapist, along with other therapy-interfering behaviors. Led by Judith S. Beck, PhD, with Amy Cunningham, PsyD, and Robert Hindman, PhD., this advanced-level workshop will teach you how to conceptualize personality disorder clients and how to plan treatment based on your conceptualization. Learn how to help your clients change their thinking at both an intellectual and an emotional level to bring about enduring changes in cognition, mood, behavior, and general functioning.

In this experiential workshop, you’ll learn how to integrate a variety of strategies from many different psychotherapeutic modalities within the context of the cognitive model. You’ll learn how to help your clients function more effectively, improve their interpersonal relationships, and manage their emotions. Day three will focus exclusively on varying treatment for individuals with borderline personality disorder.