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Work Sample

The Work Sample requirement for Beck CBT Certification must be submitted after a candidate completes the required coursework and supervision for the program, as well as attest to the completion of 5 case write-ups and treatment of 10 cases using CBT through their Certification Profile. The Work Sample consists of a therapy session recording (.Mp3 file type) and Case Write-up, including a Cognitive Conceptualization Diagram (CCD). If you are unable to submit an English therapy recording, you must submit an English-translation of your submitted recording along with the recording itself. The Work Sample submission costs $300 for evaluation by the Beck Rating Committee and Beck Credentialing Committee.

Please utilize the following resources to create your Work Sample:

When you are ready to submit your Work Sample and fee, please contact us at Upon contact, we will provide you with a payment link for the Work Sample submission. Upon receipt of payment, we will provide you with a link to a folder in our secure, HIPAA-compliant portal. You will submit your Work Sample to that folder for review by the Beck Rating Committee.

Please allow up to sixty days for review of your work sample submission. A final determination about your certification status will be made by the Beck Credentialing Committee. You will then be contacted with your results.