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March 12, 2012
According to a recent meta-analytic review published in Psychological Reports, VA-treated patients respond more positively to PTSD treatment and fare better (66% in the current review) than patients in non-VA control conditions. Twenty-four PTSD studies were selected for inclusion; each study was classified into four treatment categories: (1) exposure-based studies, (2) other cognitive behavioral studies, (3) inpatient studies, and (4) miscellaneous treatment. Of the four treatment categories, exposure-based treatment had the highest within-group effect size. These findings are encouraging for patients with PTSD who seek treatment at Veterans Affairs hospitals.

Goodson, J., Helstrom, A., Halpern, J.M., Ferenchak, M.P., Gillihan, S.J., & Powers, M.B., (2011). Treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder in U.S. combat veterans: A meta-analytic review. Psychological Reports, 109, 573-599.