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Beck Institute Workshop Testimonials

Thoughts from Former Trainees.

CBT has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment for the past 40 years. Thousands of trials have shown that it works. But what about our training? How do you know it raises the level of CBT competency? Our trainees have told us, over and over, that there’s no better training to be found.

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About our 3-Day CBT Workshops

Absolutely the best CBT training I have ever attended, which is not surprising since it is given by its founders. It was an honor to have the opportunity to discuss a real case with Dr. Aaron Beck. I think everyone doing cognitive therapy in the world should attend this training at least once.

Omar L.V., MA, Mexico

I just returned from this week’s workshop on Depression and Suicide; my sessions are more productive and I could see the impact of the workshop right away. My resolution this year was to attend more useful and higher-quality workshops; I found just that in your workshop. I will be back. Thanks for putting on a great training that can truly impact one’s clinical work.

Ashley V.O., PsyD, LLC, Florida

The course has proved to be a blessing for so many people who I help- the changes are rather remarkable. There are clients with depression, anxiety, and all other kinds of problems. CBT is what I follow, I still have the notes from class, and the wonderful books I bought at the Institute :). Without attending the course I would not have got such great input in terms of training.

Swate K., MD, Pune, India

After the workshop, I was able to feel more confident in my practice. Not to mention, it was amazing for me to participate in a professional workshop taught by the great leaders in the field of CBT. I highly recommend this workshop to all of you. I already did to my colleagues.

Sung Min Yoon, LCSW-R, CASAC, ACT, DCSW, RPT-S, New York

When I decided on CBT as my primary assessment and therapy method, I turned to the Beck Institute to learn CBT as it was developed and pioneered by Dr. Aaron Beck.  I was extremely satisfied with the in-depth instruction, professionalism of the staff, and the professional qualifications and diversity of the many attendees from around the world.  It was a tremendous learning experience!

Jay F., MA, MS, LGPC, Maryland

This has been the best training I have ever been to. Staff was very informative and kind. Material was presented in a way that was easy to understand.

Nicole K., MA, Connecticut

You truly inspired me during the workshop and over the past couple of weeks, and my therapy sessions have been energized. I have incorporated so many of the lessons and pearls that you generously taught at the workshop and it has greatly improved the level of patient care.

I can’t thank you enough for what you have done. (My) therapy sessions have reached another level!

Scott S., MD, New York

This 2nd socialization with CBT model was so incredibly useful, enlightening. I got a lot of clear, dense, organized new knowledge, theoretical and practical. I enjoyed every minute of it… really! The experience feeds my (hyperactive) brain and is extremely helpful for me to continue my research / bridge conceptualization of the neurobiology of psychotherapy. I am sure we will be in touch again!

Bernadette G., MD, California

I could get really “hands-on” materials… I could watch and feel the real sessions… I was so amazed by how accessible all staff were and how helpful they were. It was like a dream, especially being with Dr. Aaron [T. Beck] & Judith [S.] Beck in the same room, learning from them directly. I definitely [want to] continue to learn CBT.

Yuko Y., MC, Japan

I have never been more excited about anything in a long time (besides my children) – it has been a truly inspiring week. To know that we are all working together to help others suffer less and experience happiness or more happiness is such a testament to the human spirit.

Karen Y., MEd, Virginia

About our Supervision Program

The best clinical supervision that I ever received was from the Beck Institute.  My supervisor had always carefully reviewed my therapy tapes and offered insightful comments that improved my therapy skills and deepened my fundamental understanding of the theory and practice of cognitive therapy. I am a more effective therapist today because of the clinical supervision I received at the Beck Institute; it sets a gold standard for education and training.

William L., Ph.D., Pennsylvania

[My supervisor] was brilliant about creating space to take chances. He was able to help me feel fine about bringing the difficult things to supervision. His analogies were on-point, as far as helping someone see something from a different vantage point. [He] is outstanding at teaching the basics in a way that transforms therapy. Basics are important. They are glossed over sometimes because that is not the “rockstar” way of doing therapy. Basics have to be sound if therapy is going to work and [my supervisor] conveyed that well. I could go on and on. [My supervisor] was outstanding and I feel lucky to have worked with him.

Adam H., MSSW, Michigan

I could not have asked for a better supervisor. [My supervisor] is so skilled in case conceptualization and CBT techniques that each supervision session with him was invaluable. He was able to help me understsnd each of the cases I reviewed with him. He was particularly helpful in helping me come up with case conceptualizations for my toughest cases, and taught me to use the conceptualization to guide my therapy sessions. [He] pretty much has supervision down to a science. I only wish I had been able to work with him longer.

Jo M., MD, South Carolina

Thank you so much for all of your assistance over the past year. It has been a remarkable experience for me. I found that the supervision experience was essential in truly learning cognitive therapy techniques and I am proud to say that I am now certified as a cognitive therapist! This past year has taught me more than I have learned in the last 10 years! [My supervisor] is a wonderful teacher and an asset to your supervision program.

Cindy W., LISW-CP, South Carolina

I cannot thank you, and Drs. Judy and Aaron Beck, enough for the fantastic experience that this past year has been. It is without doubt one of the highlights of my career to date. I have valued enormously your thoughtful, clear, and clinically rich supervision. The latter focus on [supervision of] supervision was also rewarding for me. It can be easy to work in isolation from other cognitive therapists when working in a busy early intervention in-service, so to have the time to revisit first principles of CBT has been immensely helpful.

Robert D., United Kingdom

The supervision was far more than I could have known to expect. [My supervisor’s] teaching was very helpful; she always had lots of recommendations for literature and her supervision was strengths-based. I learned something new every session and I looked forward to our sessions every week! [She] was collaborative and asked for feedback each session, and our working together evolved to fit my specific needs as time went on. It was truly woth the time, cost, and commitment! I learned so much!

Simone P., Canada

This is a fantastic training opportunity for pediatricians who want to use cognitive behavior therapy to supplement medication management. [My supervisor] has been enthusiastic and patient and is a wealth of knowledge. It has added a wonderful dimension to my practice and I would recommend this for any practitioner who deals with behavior issues in kids.

Jonathan R., MD, Oklahoma

[My supervisor was] a fabulous teacher – dynamic and energetic. Covered any type of client or issue we wanted to discuss. Thank you!

Lisa L., MSW, Virginia

About our Customized Training for Organizations

Thank you so much for the EXCELLENT training last week. I am still hearing from those who attended (and their supervisors and everyone they brag to) that this was possibly the best training they have ever received!

Lynn S., LPC, San Antonio, Texas

A hearty thank you to the Beck Institute for an outstanding workshop! [The speaker] was very impressive with regard to CBT content knowledge and his ability to engage participants throughout the 2 day training. Providers here … and [at] our satellite clinics were most appreciative of learning evidenced based treatment. We certainly look forward to future workshops.

Scott S., Psy.D., ABPP, EMT, Fort Meade, Maryland

Thank you for an outstanding presentation last Saturday. Providing education in such a thought provoking, engaging style has been the goal of our committee and one that was realized with our Treatment-Resistant Depression Symposium. The program evaluation forms are overwhelmingly positive and appreciative with nearly all in attendance commenting on how much they enjoyed your program. Thank you again and I hope we can continue to work together in the future to present additional programs.

Meagan F., Baltimore, Maryland

I can-not thank you enough…[the Speaker] was delightful, energetic and a brilliant teacher that captured the audience, even the skeptical ones.

Sergio D., Cinncinati, Ohio

[The] presentation was certainly a hit! On behalf of the entire behavioral health team… I want to thank you for a great program. Many of our clinicians have been calling me to say what a great [workshop] and I’ve seen a few comments on the evaluations that also support this. I know [we’ve] spoken with you about the possibility of future presentations. I’m sure we will be in touch!

Lucia K., York, Pennsylvania

I was thoroughly impressed with [the speaker] and I am so excited about supporting my staff in doing CT-R. [The workshop] was even better than I had hoped … I couldn’t be happier. Now I just need to have my staff finish up the consultation calls and implement quality CBT consistently. Thank you so much for all your help.

Mark S., LCSW, Poughkeepsie, NY

The training was OUTSTANDING!  [She] was a dynamic speaker and received much positive feedback from staff.

Deborah B., Hartford, Connecticut

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say again how much we appreciated the workshop you did for us.  I have received so many compliments from attendees who feel that they learned a lot of useful information that they can then go back and apply in their settings… I’m going to follow-up [on the possibility] for either a future presentation or consultation!

Kathy B., Hampton, Virginia

I was a recent participant at the [workshop] in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I would like to convey to you the excitement I had in learning about CBT from [your speaker]. She did a splendid job and there was excitement in the air from people ready to learn more about cognitive therapy. I was honored to have an up-front seat and my spirit was re-lit as I re-embraced this valuable therapeutic tool. Thank you very much from New Mexico!

Emma O, LMSW, Las Cruces, New Mexico

It was wonderful to have you… at our Cognitive Therapy Symposium for Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurses. The feedback we received from participants was overwhelmingly positive. [We] are confident that the attendees will go back to their facilities with a new set of valuable skills to use in treating patients with severe and persistent mental illness. We accomplished our goal!

Karen P., RN, APNC, Trenton, New Jersey