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CBT Training / Workshop FAQs

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How long are supervision terms? How can I find out if my organization approves CE credit from IBH? Can I receive CE credit if I only attended part of the workshop? Can I be granted CE credit retroactively for a workshop I attended in the past? When and how will I receive my CE certificate? Will I receive any proof of CE credit? What steps do I need to take to ensure I receive CE credit? Does Beck Institute offer internships or post-doctoral fellowships? Do you offer scholarships or financial aid for Beck Institute training programs? Does Beck Institute offer supervision of supervision? What happens if I do not meet the requirements for successful completion of your supervision program? What kind of credential will I receive upon successful completion of your supervision program? What are the requirements for successful completion of the supervision program? I do not have English-speaking clients. Can I still participate in your supervision program? How will I submit my recordings to my supervisor? I do not have a license. Am I eligible to participate in your supervision program? Am I responsible for securing clients, or does Beck Institute provide them? How many clients should I record each week for supervision? What device do you recommend for recording client sessions for supervision? Do you have supervisors who specialize in various disorders or populations? Can I request a specific supervisor? Who are the Beck Institute supervisors? I would like my staff to be trained in CBT. Do you ever provide onsite training for organizations? Where does Beck Institute hold its workshops? Are there hotels near Beck Institute? When I travel to Beck Institute for training, what airport should I fly into? I am scheduling my return travel. What time does the workshop end on the last day? What are the prerequisites for attending a workshop? Which Core Curriculum workshop is right for me? Do you offer workshops in specialty subjects? Can I earn CEs/CMEs through your workshops? Who conducts your workshops? When is the deadline for submitting workshop applications? How do I know whether a workshop is full? What payment options does Beck Institute accept?