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Applied Workshop Series

Dr. Holloway at PTSD Workshop

One-day workshops on specialty CBT topics.

Fits into your schedule and fits into your practice.

Our training catalog now includes one-day, topic-specific skill building workshops offering the opportunity to focus on a specific subset of CBT practice-related concerns. These workshops are available either as an add-on to our 3 day courses, purchased as part of a package, or as a single day of training.

Taught by the Beck Institute Therapists

Our therapists are experts in CBT—on-the-forefront-of-research experts. They’re continually updating what they do to reflect the most current findings and integrate the most effective treatment strategies. Every therapist sees clients and educates other therapists, creating a vibrant community of mental health professionals, educators, and researchers striving every day toward excellence in CBT.

CBT Applied: Medical Conditions

Learn to apply CBT to clients with chronic medical conditions including diabetes, obesity, and chronic pain.

CBT Applied: Anger Management

Learn CBT techniques to conceptualize why clients become angry and to teach clients how to modify their dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors.

CBT Applied: Integrating Mindfulness

Learn to integrate and adapt mindfulness strategies into CBT for clients with anxiety and depression.