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CBT Workshop

Our training, closer to you.

New for 2016, Beck Institute workshops are traveling to you. Learn the essentials of CBT for specific disorders including depression, anxiety, and substance abuse or for specific populations including children and adolescents or the military. Our expert Beck faculty offers unmatched training in CBT, using the very latest strategies and research.

Join Beck Institute in 8 cities throughout the US for training by expert CBT specialists. All workshops include 2 days of intensive, experiential training.

Our workshops, taught by experts in CBT and directed by Judith Beck, are highly experiential and interactive and encourage networking. They are designed to teach you how to implement, in a manageable and stepwise approach, evidence-based CBT treatment in your practice and/or your organization.

Each diagnostic-based workshop teaches you the specific formulation and treatment strategies for that particular diagnosis. For each diagnosis, you’ll learn to:

  • conceptualize the individual client
  • focus on the key cognitions and interventions for that diagnosis
  • plan treatment, structure sessions effectively, and measure progress
  • keep the client engaged and develop a sound therapeutic relationship
  • manage common difficulties, such as comorbidities
  • and much more…