The Relationship Between CBT and Neuroscience

In this video from a recent Beck Institute Workshop, Dr. Aaron Beck discusses the relationship between CBT and neuroscience. Dr. Beck explains that various biological findings have been associated with successful CBT treatment and that preliminary and future research will seek to determine whether certain genomes respond better to different CBT techniques.

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  1. Darragh McCurragh
    Darragh McCurragh says:

    Brain scans of subjects practicing zen or mindfulness meditation methods have produced similar findings. It is obvious by now that what medication does, i.e. changing the chemical setup of body and brain might just as well be achieved by training and changing the mind as it is intimately connected to our neurology. And that may finally lead to the conclusion that some, if not all, psychotropic drugs currently used in psychiatric treatment might eventually be replaced my more effective behavior- and mind-related therapies sine (external) substance.


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