Extraordinary! Incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring. Excellent clarity in presentation. Approachable, open, kind, and thoughtful! Thank you!

Katie L. Colorado

It was the perfect introduction to CBT, which offered the men a great foundation for further discussion. Many of the seminarians and faculty individually approached me about how helpful your talk was. It was a true blessing for all of us! Your kindness, compassion, and courageous vulnerability even further reinforced the material that you presented.

Keith C.

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– Manny Smith

I'm so thankful!

  • Absolutely fantastic. [The speaker] was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and presented [the material] in an excellent manner. Best training ever! The training is invaluable to both experienced and inexperienced therapists. Keep up the good work.
  • This [workshop] was the most in-depth introduction to CBT I have ever had. Our instructor was outstanding; animated and gracious.
  • This was an excellent training that has given me a new perspective on the material.
  • We need so many more trainings like these for all [of us] providers!


participants at a recent workshop in San Antonio, Texas:

  • I loved the session… [the speaker’s] experience allowed her to provide case studies from the field to teach new skills… [her’ passion and interest in her practice was refreshing and very contagious. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity and pleasure to learn from her!
  • [This] session was excellent. I will plan to attend another session… as soon as possible!
  • [The speaker] was extremely well-prepared and conversant in her topic. I thought she presented a tremendous amount of information in one day. It would be wonderful to take an entire college course with her!
  • A very intelligent and articulate speaker for cognitive therapy with a variety of skills to deal with complex symptoms. She is able to relate to the audience and engage them in active listening. This was a very informative and enjoyable day!

participants at a recent workshop in Perry Point, Maryland


  • EXCELLENT presenter! Superb “teacher/coach”. Great job of engaging audience and weaving questions/answers into presentation. Skilled at validating and showing relevance to audience comments.
  • Reinforced current knowledge – improved ways to formulate case planning – [provided] new techniques and strategies.
  • The speaker was excellent. LOVE all the concrete ideas to immediately take back & apply. The material was very well put together – extremely useful, especially for someone newer in the field, but also for more seasoned therapists as validation & also reminders of the basics with some new ideas. The video clips [were] well-timed and relevant.


participants at a recent workshop in Appleton, Wisconsin


  • This was amazing. [The speaker] is, of course, and incredible presenter and makes the training more clinically relaxed than most. Materials and next steps are very valid and I can use them immediately.
  • Best training I have been to yet! Thank you!
  • [The speaker] is great! Would attend any lecture, presentation, or class given by her. It was very informative and [she was] extremely knowledgeable.
  • Great presentation! Excellent content! Presenter was relaxed and in charge of her topic.
  • The training was great! There was a lot of good information and the time flew by!
  • Collaboratively taught; expert; wonderful.
  • This was probably the best training that I have ever been to!
  • Very informative! The presentation was awesome and very enjoyable as well as informative. Thank you!


participants at a recent workshop in Battle Creek, Michigan

[The] presentation was certainly a hit! On behalf of the entire behavioral health team… I want to thank you for a great program. Many of our clinicians have been calling me to say what a great [workshop] this was and I’ve seen a few comments on the evaluations that also support this. I know [we’ve] spoken with you about the possibility of future presentations. I’m sure we will be in touch!

Lucia K.York, Pennsylvania

It was wonderful to have you… at our Cognitive Therapy Symposium for Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurses. The feedback we received from participants was overwhelmingly positive. [We] are confident that the attendees will go back to their facilities with a new set of valuable skills to use in treating patients with severe and persistent mental illness. We accomplished our goal!

Karen P., RN, APNCTrenton, New Jersey

[After the workshop], I used the techniques with a typical client that I see.  Cognitive therapy helped me organize the session and find immediate relief for this woman.  She left my office with a coping card and much more hope for recovery than she came in with.  She even hugged me on her way out the door – which has NEVER happened to me after one session with a client.

I just wanted to let you know how much this training has already helped me, and to thank you for such in-depth training.  Now I feel equipped to face any situation with a client, and confident that some symptom relief and improved quality of life is available for everyone.

Angela C.Bay City, Michigan