Devaunshi S.

I am happy to let you know that [since the workshop] I have introduced the cognitive model to [a client with Borderline Personality Disorder] and she is taking SO WELL to it. Also she was one of my “difficult” clients and there were times when she did get angry or did not focus on the set goal. I have been able to get her to focus and still sustain our therapeutic alliance. YAAAYYY! 🙂

I have also introduced the cognitive model to [my group sessions]… my patients looked completely spellbound and a lot of them came to me after the session and wanted to know if I could take this form of therapy with them in their individual sessions…. some of my colleagues were amazed at the group’s reaction and at least one of them is planning to come and do the workshops with you.

I want to especially thank Drs. Beck and of course all of you for equipping me with CBT.

Devaunshi S., MAIndia