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Dr. Paul M. Grant is a clinical psychologist and Co-Director of the Center for Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R). For the past 20 years, Dr. Grant, along with Aaron T. Beck, MD, originated and advanced CT-R, which is a revolutionary evidence-based approach to treating severe mental health conditions. He has extensively researched and studied the theoretical basis and application of CT-R to individuals given a diagnosis of schizophrenia.  

His specialties include:   

  • theory and research underlying the treatment of schizophrenia and serious mental health challenges (aggressive behavior, self-injury, hallucinations, delusions, disorganized speech, access to motivation, inactivity)  
  • public health research focused on the importance of connection and purpose for physical and mental health, with a focus on beliefs as mediating factors 
  • enhancing effectiveness of evidence-based interventions with individuals who have been chronically institutionalized, in both correctional and hospital settings; as well as for those who live on the street, in congregate care settings, served by community teams    
  • assessing the quality of CT-R implementation at the programmatic, organizational and personal levels  
  • systems change   

Individuals with serious mental health conditions are often neglected by a system overwhelmed by demand and lack of funding. Dr. Grant can provide evidence-based insight into the theory, research and practice behind a radical new treatment that can help these vulnerable individuals build and live meaningful lives of their choosing. Dr. Grant’s research narrows the perceived differences in potential and capability between these individuals and those not given a diagnosis.